Ad 05: G. W. Carpenter, Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Ad: G. W. Carpenter, Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Established 1828.
G. W. Carpenter, Henszey & Co.
Wholesale Drug and Chemical Warehouse.
Importers and Dealers in Foreign and American Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, etc.
Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Preparations, etc.
Elixirs, Fluid Extracts, Liquors, Syrups, Malt Preparations, Dialyzed Iron, Saccharated Pepsin, Cod Liver Oil Preparations, etc., etc.
Our long experience in business, together with the superior facilities we possess, enables us to offer a class of Pharmaceutical Preparations unsurpassed for excellency and reliability.
G. W. Carpenter, Henszey & Co.
737 Market St., Philad'a.
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Ready for Delivery.
The American Homoepathic Pharmacopoeia.
Second edition.
Thoroughly revised and augmented by J. T. O'Connor, M.D,
Large 8vo. p. 511. Price, cloth, $3.50; half morocco, $4.50.
This Standard work which from its first appearance has been the generally accepted guide for Homoepathic Pharmaceutists in this country, indorsed by themost competent authorities, appears in a materially improved shape, partly condensed, and yet in scope considerably increased.
Subject to the usual discount. Address,
Boericke & Tafel,
New York, Philadelphia, Chicago.

This image is an advertisement in the American Journal of Pharmacy, 1884.