Oil of Gaultheria.

Botanical name: 

OIL OF GAULTHERIA IN RHEUMATISM.—Dr. H. H. Seelye reports the results obtained from oil of gaultheria given in 118 cases of acute articular rheumatism. It can be administered in capsules, alone or with salicylate of sodium, or in soda-water, but the preferred method was in an emulsion in glycerin and water. From 10 to 20 minims were given every two hours during the day, and at intervals of three hours during the night. All forms of rheumatic pain seemed remarkably influenced, but its effect was most marked in acute inflammatory cases. The tendency to cardiac complications seemed not to be increased. The success was so gratifying that further trial of the remedy was strongly urged.—N. Y. Med. Jour., Nov. 8, 1884; Med. Times.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 57, 1885, was edited by John M. Maisch.