Santalum fernandezianum.

Botanical name: 

The verification of the existence of the true Juan Fernandez Sandal Wood is recorded in the Kew Bulletin for 1894, page no; and the receipt of a specimen (page 372) from Professor F. Philippi, who described it from very imperfect material. Thanks to Mr. Sohrens, Kew now possesses excellent dried specimens of this most interesting plant (Santalum fernandezianum) collected by the donor himself. The following is an extract from Mr. Sohren's letter on this subject:

"It may be interesting to you to know that, after many years' search, only one live tree of the sandal wood has been found, which was in flower in the middle of April. The height of the tree to the first branch is 5.4 metres. The nearly horizontal branches prevented my measuring the total height, which may be about 8 metres; circumference, 1.5 metres at 0.5 metres from the ground."

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 67, 1895, was edited by Henry Trimble.