One of the danger elements in chorea is sleeplessness.

A writer places great faith in the influence of asafetida in the treatment of habitual abortion.

As a palliative measure in the treatment of paralysis agitans, duboisin is suggested as a reliable remedy.

Children who have a marked uric acid diathesis are thought to be more subject to appendicitis than others.

Where the globus hystericus is present under any circumstances give small doses of ignatia, frequently repeated.

Difficult breathing induced by faults within the central nervous system, will be overcome by taking small doses of phosphorus.

In indigestion, where gaseous eructations follow soon after eating, and the digestion is very slow, hydrochloric acid is specifically indicated.

Thymol and gallic acid will cure quite a large proportion of the cases of chyluria. Thymol is fatal to the filaria sanguinis hominis.

The pains of acute rheumatism will often be relieved more quickly than by any other means, with five-grain doses of salicin every two or three hours.

Medicine is but of little use in the treatment of stricture of the esophagus, but the iodide of potassium in large doses has given some relief. It should at least be tried.

In difficult breathing in the later stage of Bright's disease where the heart is feeble minute doses of phosphorus every two or three hours will be found of great advantage

In the treatment of simple cases of nasal polypi, give five drops of the fluid extract of hydrastis every two or three hours, persistently, or from one-fourth grain to one grain of sulphate of hydrastin.

Incarcerated inguinal hernia was treated by Zagorsky by the internal administration of one-fourth of a grain of the extract of belladonna. A spontaneous reduction took place in each case after four or five doses.

A few drops of chloroform internally will sometimes immediately relieve severe abdominal pain. Again a few drops of chloroform poured into the palm of the hand and held firmly over the seat of an acute pain will often control the pain immediately.

Babies severely handled.—The advertisement of a patent infant's feeding bottle directs: "When the baby is done drinking, it must be unscrewed and put in a cold place under a tap. If the baby does not thrive on fresh milk it must be boiled."

Cases of sudden hoarseness, or weakness of the voice from cold, in speakers or singers, can be overcome by inhaling the vapor of dilute nitric acid and swallowing the saliva from three or four drops, dropped onto a square of loaf sugar, and dissolved slowly in the mouth.

Toothache is oftentimes due to acid substances or acid secretions in the mouth. A general aching of all the teeth may be caused by an acid saliva acting upon the teeth just where they emerge from the gums. Lander Brunton counsels frequent washing out of the mouth with a solution of soda bicarbonate or the sucking of tablets of this alkali.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.