A Cause for Tonsillitis and Rheumatism.

Editor Ellingwood's Therapeutist:

I have observed tonsillitis and lumbago to occur without much or any fever, quite commonly among those who habitually eat an excess of starchy food, more notably of potatoes.

Where these troubles are chronic, I find the parties are excessive starch eaters. I believe an ill balanced dietary will produce an excess of some certain waste products, which must be excreted by the kidneys. This excretion irritates the kidneys, and produces pain in the deep muscles of the back, in the lumbar region. There is pain also in the kidneys themselves from the irritation, and increased tension.

The association of these two diseases like the association of tonsillitis and rheumatic disease of the muscles, has long been observed. My treatment is to give the ordinary purge followed by dram doses of epsom salts, in a large draught of water, repeated every hour until the bowels move freely.

The following prescription is nearly routine treatment with me: Salicylate of sodium, three drams; nitrate of potassium, three drams; tincture of capsicum, one-half of a dram; water sufficient to make four ounces. Take two teaspoonfuls in a little water, every three hours during the first day, then four times a day afterwards.

This simple course has resulted, with me, in a permanent cure, provided the patient should abstain entirely from the use of potatoes, for one or two weeks at least, and take them very sparingly at all times in the future.

McDonald's Corners, Ontario, Canada.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.