Cold Infusion of Green Coffee in Gout.

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Dr. Monchaux communicates to L'Abeille Medicale his experience in the use of cold infusion of green coffee in the treatment of gout. He directs his patients to take a tablespoonful of green coffee, place it in a tumbler, half fill the latter with water at the temperature of the atmosphere, and allow it to stand for twenty-four hours. In the morning the liquid is to be swallowed, an equal quantity of water added, and taken the following morning; thus the same quantity of coffee will serve for two doses. The liquid thus obtained has little savor; it is more or less distinctly green according to the species of coffee employed. Dr. Monchaux does not explain the mode of action of the remedy upon the uric diathesis. He inclines to the belief that it acts against the effects of the disease rather than on the disease itself, and that, in order to prevent a recurrence of gout, it is only necessary to make a daily use of the remedy indicated by him. He observes that the remedy is an old one, and that, however difficult it may be to explain its precise action, the efficiency of the remedy is acknowledged. He had himself used it during three years, and with the result that his bi-annual attacks of gout had completely disappeared.— The Doctor.

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Vol. XXXIV, 1874, was edited by John M. Scudder, M.D.