Two Naevi Cured by Monsel's Solution Applied Externally.


—By Dr. Jacob Geiger.

A male child, aged nine months, had at birth a "mother's mark" on his perineum and over the pit of his stomach. They were at first flat but slightly elevated spots, and quite small. When the patient was about six months old, however, the tumors took on a very rapid growth; that on the perineum occupying not only the entire perineum, but a portion of the scrotum also, while that on the abdomen was an inch in diameter. The perineal naevus was kept so constantly irritated by the child's diaper, his urine and his faeces, and having on more than one occasion bled considerably, I advised an operation for its cure. The mother positively refused her consent to any other procedure than one which consisted in some external application. I determined therefore to try the methodical use of Monsel's solution to both the growths. Making a mixture of equal parts of the Liq. Ferri Persulph. and Glycerine, I painted not only the naevii themselves thoroughly with this, but I applied it also for some lines beyond, to the healthy skin, and directed it to be repeated twice daily. In a week both tumors had diminished appreciably in size; and in less than one month from the date of the first application of the iron they had disappeared altogether.—American Practitioner

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Vol. XXXIV, 1874, was edited by John M. Scudder, M.D.