It is time to call a halt.

A vicious bill before the present Congress threatens the freedom of the press. The bill, known as Senator Harris' bill (S. 1436), declares "that every newspaper printed in a foreign language is hereby declared to be non-mailable; except such copy of any such newspaper containing in an adjoining parallel columns true and complete English translation of the text of each column of foreign-language print." This bill seems to us to revive the rigid censorship which prevailed during the war. The professional reformers behind this bill are feeling their way. The claim made that some foreign newspapers advocate policies which are inimical to our government is ridiculous. An American citizen should have the right to read a foreign publication in the original language and judge for himself, without the supervision of the almighty censor. We are not in Russia. If I desire to read a German medical weekly, or a French medical journal—who has the right to say "No" to me? As to foreign papers published in this country, most of them inculcate and instill good American principles into their readers. The narrow minds of many of our legislators not only disregard facts, but actually destroy the fundamental principles of American liberty. Freedom of the press—medical and lay—must be maintained by all possible means. ADLERMAN.

National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, Vol. 19, 1927-28, was edited by Theodore Davis Adlerman, M.D.