Shewman's obituary.

Eben B. Shewman, M.D. (Dr. Shewman, President-Elect of the N.E.M.A., had just been appointed Dean of E.M.C. in a last-ditch attempt, along with Dr. Nellens, to re-organize and strengthen the single remaining private medical college in the United States (the final end-game of the Flexner Report's campaign to diminish the number of medical schools, and close the remaining private ones.). Two years later John Uri Lloyd died and his decades-long substantial financial support ceased. These two losses, amidst the Great Depression, sealed the school's fate. It closed in 1939.—MM.)

National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, Vol. 26, 1934-35, was edited by Theodore Davis Adlerman, M.D.