Our Willie

Another wonderful literary gem has come from the pen of our beloved Professor John Uri Lloyd. Those of us who have read Stringtown on the Pike, Etidorhpa, Felix Moses, the Beloved Jew, and who remember some of the human characters who lived in the pages of those books often wished we could know the originals.

Today, as we read Our Willie, Professor Lloyd's latest creation, we can not help but admire the keen knowledge of human nature possessed by Professor J. U. Lloyd. Who but a real expert in psychology could create Silas and Sarah in their honest simplicity with their great love for their boy? Who but a real student of female nature could create and describe Clara (evidently taken from life), a girl of the days of early Kentucky who will appeal to many a boy from the country, aye even from the city?

Yes, there is villain there, and what a villain! Squire Gettem is a villain who—but I am not going to tell you what he tried to do to Judge Elford of Springtown. You must read this book yourself and you will enjoy every character. They live and breathe, and once you start reading about them you will be glad to know most of them. Get the book. A good story for you, your family and for your patients in your waiting room.

Our Willie, John G. Kidd & Son, Inc., publishers, 19 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio; 375 pages; illustrated; cloth, $2.50.


National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, Vol. 26, 1934-35, was edited by Theodore Davis Adlerman, M.D.