Title page.

Vires Vitales Sustinete


of the

National Eclectic Medical Association

of the

United States of America,

for the years 1888-89,

Including the

Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting (as reorganised), at Detroit, Michigan, June, 1888;

Together with

Addresses, the Medical Symposiac,


Papers and Reports



Edited by Alexander Wilder, Secretary.


Vol. XVI.

Published in Behalf of the Association.


Every man is indebted to his profession, to elevate its character, increase its efficiency, and to elevate its usefulness and prosperity. Every physician should bear in mind that the Hippocratic Art is superior to the narrow sphere of a wage-earning craft.


Orange, N.J.,

Chronicle Book and Job Printing Office,


Transactions of the National Eclectic Medical Association, Vol. XVI, 1888-89, edited by Alexander Wilder.