Abbreviations, Etc.

The Abbreviations employed in the work, both where credit is given or for other purposes, are as follows:

Nat. Ord., Natural Order.

Sex. Syst., Sexual System of Linnaeus.

U. S., United States Pharmacopoeia.

U. S. Disp., United States Dispensatory.

Dub., Dublin Pharmacopoeia.

W.S.M., Mr. Wm. S. Merrell.

T.V.M., Professor T. V. Morrow.

R.S.N., Professor R. S. Newton.

Z.F., Professor Z. Freeman.

J.K., Professor J.King.

In a few places, in speaking of doses, they are given "from half to three grains," instead of "from half a grain to three grains ;" also, in speaking of liquids, when measured by fluidounces or fluidrachms, the term "fluid" is occasionally omitted. The reader will please observe and rectify the omissions, as well as any other that may not have been observed by us.

The American Eclectic Dispensatory, 1854, was written by John King, M. D.