Extractum Celastri Fluidum.—Fluid Extract of Celastrus.

Botanical name: 

Related entry: Celastrus.—False Bittersweet

SYNONYM: Fluid extract of false bittersweet.

Preparation.—Take of the recently dried bark of the root of false bittersweet, in fine powder, 16 troy ounces; diluted alcohol, a sufficient quantity. Moisten the powdered bark thoroughly with part of the diluted alcohol, and let it stand for 24 hours; then transfer it to a percolator, and gradually add diluted alcohol until 12 fluid ounces have been obtained. Set this aside; then add diluted alcohol until the bark is exhausted; evaporate this to 4 fluid ounces, and add it to the 12 fluid ounces first obtained, so as to make a pint of fluid extract.

Medical Uses and Dosage.—This fluid extract possesses the same virtues as the bark (see Celastrus), in doses of from ½ fluid drachm to 1 fluid drachm, 3 times a day.

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.