Lotio Hydrastis Composita, Lotio Hydrastis et Aconiti

Lotio Hydrastis Composita.—Compound Lotion of Golden Seal.

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Preparation.—Take of strong infusion of green tea and of golden seal, each, 1 pint; sulphate of zinc, gunpowder, each, 2 drachms. Mix the decoction, then add the remainder of the articles, and agitate briskly. After solution and decomposition have ceased, and the precipitate has subsided, pour off the supernatant liquid.

Action and Medical Uses.—This curious lotion was employed as a collyrium in chronic ophthalmic diseases, but it may be advantageously employed in all chronic affections of mucous surfaces, as an external application. The affected parts are to be bathed with it several times a day.

Lotio Hydrastis et Aconiti.—Lotion of Golden Seal and Aconite.

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Preparation.—Take of golden seal, in powder, 4 drachms; boiling water, 4 fluid ounces: tincture of aconite, 1 fluid drachm. Add the golden seal to the water and digest for 3 hours by a gentle heat; then filter and evaporate to 2 fluid ounces, to which add the tincture of aconite.

Action and Medical Uses.—This forms a superior application to the eye in many cases of disease in that organ. It may be applied by means of a camel's-hair pencil, or dropping 1 or 2 minims on the eyeball. I have likewise found immense benefit in these cases by substituting for the tincture of aconite 1 or 2 fluid drachms of the saturated tincture of black cohosh. Some physicians employ the hydrochlorate of berberine in preparing the above formula, but as this is insoluble in water, it can effect but little influence. This preparation, used as a wash or injection, will also be found of service in chronic mucous difficulties, as vaginal leucorrhoea, etc. (J. King).

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.