Pulvis Jalapae Compositus (Eclectic).—Compound Powder of Jalap.

Related entry: Jalapa (U. S. P.)—Jalap

SYNONYM: Antibilious physic.

Preparation.—Take of Alexandria senna, in powder, 2 ounces; jalap, in powder, 1 ounce; cloves or ginger, in powder, 1 drachm. Mix them (Beach's Amer. Prac.).

Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—This forms an excellent purgative, useful in nearly all cases where such action is required. It acts with mildness and efficiency, influencing the whole alimentary tract, cleansing it of all abnormal accumulations, and stimulating the whole biliary apparatus to healthy action. It may be given to either sex, and at all ages, and is used in all febrile, inflammatory, or chronic diseases, being contraindicated in severe gastric or intestinal inflammation, and requires to be used cautiously and in moderate doses during pregnancy, menorrhagia, and certain other diseases. Dose, 1 drachm, put into a gill of boiling water, and allowed to stand till cold, then sweeten, if desired, stir, and drink the whole contents. Milk, wine, cider, lemonade, or coffee, etc., may be substituted, in proper cases, for the water. In febrile diseases, its utility will be much increased by adding about 10 grains of bitartrate of potassium to each dose.

Related Preparations.—PULVIS JALAPAE COMPOSITUS (U. S. P.), Compound powder of jalap, Pulvis purgans, Pulvis catharticus, Pulvis jalapae tartaratus. "Jalap, in No. 60 powder, thirty-five grammes (35 Gm.) [1 oz. av., 103 grs.]; potassium bitartrate, in fine powder, sixty-five grammes (65 Gm.) [2 ozs. av., 128 grs.]; to make one hundred grammes (100 Gm.) [3 ozs. av., 231 grs.]. Rub them together until they are thoroughly mixed"—(U. S. P.). This preparation is employed as a hydragogue cathartic in ascites, associated with portal and splenic obstructions. Dose, 10 to 30 grains.

PULVIS ALOES ET CANELLAE (N. F.), Powder of aloes and canella, Hiera picra.—"Purified aloes (U. S. P.), in fine powder, eighty grammes (80 Gm.) [2 ozs. av., 360 grs.]; canella, in fine powder, twenty grammes (20 Gm.) [309 grs.]. Mix them intimately"—(Nat. Form.). Dose, 3 to 12 grains.

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.