Unguentum Phytolaccae.—Ointment of Poke.

Botanical name: 

Related entry: Phytolacca.—Phytolacca

Preparation.—Take of the leaves of poke, collected just before the ripening of the berries, 4 pounds; lard, 1 pound; spirit, 1 pint; wax, 2 ounces. Mix, and slowly simmer together until the leaves are crisp, and then express through linen. An ointment is sometimes made by mixing 1 ½ drachms of powdered poke leaves or root, or of the extract of poke, with 1 ounce of lard (see Stramonium Ointment).

Action and Medical Uses.—This is used as an application to ulcers, porrigo, tinea capitis, and other cutaneous affections, and as a discutient to various tumors (J. King).

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.