Botanical name: 

American "Indian Hemp," Apocynum cannabinum, is the name given to various species and varieties of this plant, in contradistinction to the true Indan hemp of India, Cannabis indica. The root of apocynum has been used in decoction as an active hydragogue cathartic, and also as a diuretic, in domestic medicine, since the days of the earliest settlers, who learned of its qualities from the Indians. Thus introduced into medication, it came to the attention of the profession. As a remedy in "dropsy" apocynum has been extensively used in home medication, and thus became known to physicians of American education. Finally it was introduced to the pages of the Pharmacopeia. The Eclectic literature of America for nearly a hundred years has been prolific in the praises of this remedy. (Drug Treatise by Lloyd Brothers, now in process.)

The History of the Vegetable Drugs of the U.S.P., 1911, was written by John Uri Lloyd.