2. Ulva latissima, Greville.—Broad Green Laver.

Botanical name: 

Ulva Lactuca var. latissima Lightf; Green Sloke; Oyster Green.—The fronds are bright herbaceous green, becoming tinged with brown in old age and decay. They are oblong or roundish, waved, and very tender (see Fig. 146, f). The granules are quaternate, and densely cover the whole frond. It is said to be used at table under the name of green laver, zbeing cooked in the same way as the Porphyra laciniata, to which it is greatly inferior. It is rarely taken when the latter can be procured. I have never found it in the London shops.

The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Vol. II, 3th American ed., was written by Jonathan Pereira in 1854.