Drosera Rotundifolia.

Botanical name: 

Syn.—Drosera; Sundew.
P. E.—Fresh plant.
N. O.—Droseraceae.
N. H.—United States and Europe.

Properties: Antispasmodic, expectorant, tonic.

Indications: Dryness of mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, with irritation of the nervous system. Spasmodic cough of an explosive nature, hoarse cough without secretion.

Use: Relieves coughs of sympathetic origin, nervous coughs. Our best remedy for cough in measles and following measles. Valuable in whooping cough. In chronic coughs of dry, irritating nature, especially if there is irritation of the central nervous system. Of value in some forms of gastric disorder.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.