Homeopathic dilutions: a.

Acid Muriatic. 1d to 3d.

A remedy that is useful in some desperate conditions, especially of typhoid nature. Patient is so weak that he slides to the foot of the bed. Tongue dry, shrunken and almost paralyzed. Lower jaw drops down, pulse intermits and is very weak. Feces and urine are passed involuntary. Stools are thin and of dark color or of hemorrhagic nature, showing decomposition of fluids in the body. There may be ulcers of bluish color in the mouth. Patient moans from weakness and is unconscious. In other conditions we find that sensitiveness to touch is quite a prominent indication. Hemorrhoids of bluish nature so sensitive that patient cannot bear the touch of underwear. In the bladder there is lack of force, urine passes slowly and patient must bear so hard as, to protrude the rectum. Prolapsus ani, where the rectum comes down when bowels move, when passing water or even when passing flatus.

Acid Nitric. 3d or Higher.

This is one of our best remedies in many forms of. gastric troubles with sour or acid taste. Vomiting as a result of fermentation, vomit sour. There may or may not be in these conditions cracked edges of mouth, aphthae, stomatitis salivation or bad odor from mouth or nose. In spongy and swollen gums, ulcers in mouth or throat, salivation from the abuse of mercury in its secondary form, this is our best remedy. It is therefore indicated in syphilis in its secondary form that has been treated abusively with mercury. Cracks or fissures at any or all orifices of the body where the mucous membrane joins the skin. Hemorrhages from any or all orifices of the body where the blood is more of a bright red color. Urine is generally dark and has the odor of horse urine. Severe pain after each stool which continues for some hours, compelling patient to walk to get a little relief. This applies to rectal trouble, diarrhea , dysentery or constipation. Hemorrhoids of nitric acid are very sore and protrude, being external, where mucous membrane joins the skin.

Acid Phosphoric. 30d or Higher.

In young people who are thin and grow too fast. Marked depression as a result of masturbation, excess in sexual intercourse or overwork mentally or physically, general weakness and prostration, get weak and old before their time. Heavy pressing pain on vertex or pain in occiput. In typhoid conditions we find the marked depression, stool and urine very offensive. In diarrhea bowels rumble as if from water or fluid. Color of stool yellow or white and thin and watery, however, stools are painless; but there is generally distention of abdomen. Feels weak in chest, especially from talking. In cough the expectoration is purulent, offensive and generally very profuse. Urine very profuse and clear as a result of nervous depression. In some cases the urine is of a milky color the result of excessive amount of phosphates and nerve waste. Headache in school children that grow too fast is often relieved by phosphoric acid. For mental symptoms see proper heading.

Acid Sulphuric. 1d to 3d.

A sense of internal trembling, Without visible trembling, especially in weak subjects, is a prominent indication for sulphuric acid. Hemorrhages from any or all orifices of the body and purpura hemorrhagica often associated or followed with ecchymosis , showing the weak, relaxed condition of the capillary vessels. In debility with sore mouth, sour stomach. In children the whole body may smell sour, even if kept perfectly clean.

Aconite. 3d to 12d.

In marked inflammatory fevers if indicated. There is restlessness, heat with thirst, dry hot skin, patient tosses about, fears death; but there is no delirium or if so only mild. Distress in chest, pain with anxiety, fear and restlessness. Pain worse evenings or at night. Cannot bear to be touched nor to be uncovered and cannot bear the pain, pain is tearing and cutting. There is always unreasonable fear and fear of death in an aconite patient. Many conditions the result of fright may be corrected by this remedy; also acute inflammation arising from dry cold air.

Aloe Socotrina. 12d or Higher.

Great weakness in sphincter ani either in diarrhea, dysentery or constipation. Sensation of fullness, heaviness and heat in the abdomen, pelvic organs and rectum. Diarrhea or dysentery, urgent, has to get there in a hurry or stool will escape. Conditions worse in the morning and in hot weather. Stool yellow or yellow and bloody, may be of a jelly-like nature, passing away in great masses, even when urinating or passing flatus. A good deal of rumbling in bowels before they move. Eating, drinking, standing or moving about aggravate diarrhea. With dysentery there may be severe tenesmus, clammy sweats and marked prostration. In constipation the great weakness of the rectum shows itself by solid stool passing away unnoticed at times.

Alumina. 30d or Higher.

This remedy is best adapted for thin, spare subjects but may be used in others when indicated. This is a valuable remedy in chlorosis; patient is pale and weak and feels exhausted; menses scanty and delayed and of pale color; feels weak and exhausted after menses. In these cases there may be a craving for chalk, charcoal, starch, etc. Leucorrhea as profuse as if menstruating. In bowel and rectal troubles we find that there is marked inactivity of the latter, so much so, that even soft stool requires considerable straining. It appears that the mucous follicles are too dry and as a result, the constipation. In infantile constipation it is one of our best remedies. In hemorrhages of the bowels in typhoid fever, blood passing in clots resembling pieces of liver. Weakness and heaviness in legs, can hardly move them, can not walk with eyes closed; may be pain in back with burning as if from a hot iron. Numbness of heels when stepping on them. Of value in the early stage of locomotor ataxia. Repugnance to and cannot bear potatoes. In clergymen's or speakers' sore throat. Throat is dry and feels raw and sore, warm drinks or food give momentary relief, continual hawking which, after a long while, results in raising a little phlegm, which is thick and at times sticky. There may be a sensation in throat as if there was something sharp irritating it; and a feeling of constriction with painful deglutition.

Ammonium Muriaticum. 3x to 12x.

In constipation, where stool is dry, hard and crumbling and hard to pass. May be covered with mucus, giving it an appearance as if it were covered with grease. A sensation as if tendons in legs were contracted, worse sitting, less so walking, ameliorated lying down. Pains in heels, of. bruised sore nature. A cold sensation between shoulders, especially in affections of the chest. In women, menses only flow at night.

Anacardium Orientale. 30d.

In stomach troubles in which the pain is most severe 2 to 3 hours after eating. Eating gives relief. Vomiting of coffee-ground material, Desire to go to stool without results, the cause being deficient nerve force in the rectum. A sense as if there was a lump in rectum. As to mind, patient seems to have two wills, one of which tells him to do the opposite of what the other wants. A strong tendency or desire to swear. A sensation. as of a plug in any part of the body; or as if a hoop were around parts.

Antimonium Crudum. 3x to 12x.

A remedy that is indicated in conditions of the alimentary canal in which the tongue is coated with thick white layer. Diarrhea alternates with constipation. Summer diarrhea, especially in hot weather and from errors in diet. In mucous hemorrhoids. Mood in children is such that they do not want anyone to look at them or touch them. In gastric or remittent fever with the characteristic tongue, fever high, especially at night and with intense thirst. Edge of nose or corners of mouth may be cracked and crusts form on them. Nails on fingers grow in splits with horny spots on them. Toe nails are long and crippled, brittle or will not grow. Corns or hard growths on soles of feet, very tender to touch. Tenderness of soles of feet is a prominent indication in rheumatism as well as many other conditions. Most troubles worse or aggravated in hot weather, especially from the heat of the sun, still cold baths aggravate conditions. A remedy of value in toothache, diarrhea, gastric troubles, headache, suppressed menses, etc., resulting from cold baths. In chronic red eyelids it is of value. Gastric troubles from eating sour foods or from acids. Hemorrhage profuse from bowels where blood is mixed with solid feces.

Antimonium Tartaricum. 3x.

In chest affections, with much accumulation of mucus, coarse rattling, and inability to raise it. Patient in these conditions is often very drowsy and sleepy, face pale or cyanotic. Useful in stage of hepatization in pneumonia with above symptoms. A useful remedy in cholera infantum and one of our best in cholera morbus. Intense nausea with relief after vomiting. Marked prostration, drowsiness and even stupor and coma. In these cases stool is generally profuse.

Apis Mellifica. 3d to 6d.

Stinging, burning pain relieved by cold. In acute eruptions of the skin or suppression of eruptions. In affections of the brain or severe diseases where there is involvement of the brain, with sudden piercing and shrill scream, with above indications. Stinging and burning pain anywhere or in any condition. Ameliorated by cold applications means apis m. In edematous swellings in throat, especially where patient may be in danger of suffocation from edema, be this in diphtheria, tonsillitis or other conditions, apis is our best remedy. Useful in edema in any part of the body, but it acts more strongly on the throat , face and lower eyelids than any other part of the body. Edema without thirst; very sensitive and tender to touch. Sleep restless, and in brain troubles there may be stupor with a sudden scream occasionally. In inflammatory conditions where patient is alternately hot and cold or perspiring we think of apis. A sensation as if every breath patient draws would be the last. A valuable remedy in acute or chronic conditions where indicated. We think of it in severe cases of brain troubles, suppressed eruptions, with resulting brain effusions, post-scarlatinal dropsy, etc.

Argentum Nitricum. 30d or Higher.

Especially useful in chronic; although useful at times in acute, cases in people or children that look old and dried up. Sensation of expansion in any part of the body but especially in the head, which feels as if it was of enormous size. Tight bandage ameliorates. Headache with sensation of expansion. Vertigo with noise in the ears; patient staggers when walking with closed eyes; sight of high buildings makes him dizzy. In some cases it looks to the patient as if high buildings were projecting towards him and he is afraid that they may fall on him. Great weakness and general debility, there may be sensation of or actual trembling. Hurried feeling, always in a hurry. Great weakness in chest. In digestive troubles where there is a craving for sugar, tongue has red tip which feels painful. Great distention of abdomen after meals with tendency to belch, which is only succeeded in with great difficulty; flatus after a while is passed with much noise. In diarrhea of greenish mucus, though stool may vary in color, which is passed with spluttering noise. In children if the stool is not green will turn green in a short while. Diarrhea, result of immediate apprehension. In the throat we have hawking cough with tenacious, thick expectoration which keeps patient hawking to raise, often resulting in hoarseness. Throat feels as if there were splinters in it, causing scraping rawness and soreness. Sore throat of public speakers. Pain in lower part of back aggravated when rising from chair; but ameliorated by walking and standing up. General weak, tired feeling in arms and calves of legs. Useful in cases of epilepsy or convulsions, where pupils are dilated some days before the attack. Restlessness precedes the convulsions, a short time before attack. In paralysis from the depressing effect of diphtheria this remedy is very good. Paraplegia, the result of marked debility. Argentum is useful in many forms of dyspepsia or gastralgia if indicated. Gastric ulcers have been cured by this remedy. In purulent ophthalmia this is our best remedy. In severe forms, even, where cornea looks as if it would slough, discharge profuse and purulent, chemosis intense.

Arnica. 3d to 12d.

Bruised, sore feeling all over the body or in parts only. This may be in disease or from a bruise to the muscles or tissues of the body no matter where. Head or face hot, body cool, especially the lower extremities. In women there may be a bruised feeling in uterus, so much so that the patient cannot walk erect. A mental symptom in some conditions is that patient is in fear of being touched or struck by anyone coming tip to him. Fetid odor of breath. FIatus has very offensive odor similar to rotten eggs. Arnica will prevent suppuration if given early and favors absorption. In typhoid conditions where there is a sore, bruised feeling all over patient, changing position continually, bed seems too hard to lie on. Face dark red , stool and urine passing away involuntarily, stupor from which patient can hardly be aroused long enough to answer a question. Fetid odor of mouth and eructations. Flatus offensive like rotten eggs. Tongue, dark brown streak through center.

Arsenicum Album. 12x.

A remedy of value in both acute and chronic conditions, but especially in the former. In acute conditions, especially in latter stages when patient is very weak and restless, wants to be moved all the time, being too weak to move himself. There is often a hopeless fear in these conditions. Burning sensation and restlessness are prominent indications for this remedy. Burning ameliorated by heat. Symptoms of arsenicum are aggravated at about midnight, say 11 P.M. to 1 or 2 A.M. Mouth dry, intense thirst, but only little water taken at a time. Hot drinks may be borne, but cold aggravates and causes pain, distress and vomiting. In coryza, diarrhea and affections of the lungs arsenicum if often indicated. Oppressive breathing with wheezing cough, and, if any expectoration, it is frothy; cannot breathe well when lying down. In arsenicum we find great prostration, be this in acute or chronic conditions, the slightest exertion exhausts. In skin troubles it is indicated mostly in the dry and scaly form or suppressed eruptions. This remedy has a wide range of usefulness both in acute and chronic conditions such as coryza, diarrhea, typhoid, eruptive diseases or suppressed eruptions, etc. However, we should never. forget its basic indications. Burning sensation ameliorated by heat, this may be on the surface, in the alimentary canal or anywhere. Marked prostration and restlessness and aggravation about midnight from 11 P.M. to 1 or 2 A.M.

Aurum Metallicum. 30x or Higher.

This remedy is indicated in depression with desire to commit suicide. Person is gloomy and despondent and wants to die. In liver. troubles of men we often find this condition of mind; while in women these mind symptoms are often the result of enlarged or prolapsed uterus. In fatty degeneration of the heart. In corpulent old people. In old, corpulent people with fatty heart, who have severe palpitation of the heart with throbbing carotids and a sense of oppression in chest and feeling of anxiety, it is a useful remedy. In caries of the bones and more particularly of the long bones, nose, palate or mastoid process it is a valuable remedy, especially if the result of syphilis. A valuable remedy in bone pains so-called. In hardening of the testicles of the male and uterus in the female. In congestion or fatty degeneration of the liver, heart or kidneys with the peculiar mind symptoms it is a valuable remedy.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.