Homeopathic dilutions: B.

Baptisia. 2d.

Baptisia is a remedy which is very often indicated in typhoid or typhoid conditions. The patient aches all over, is nervous and feels chilly. Aching pains in the back, head and lower extremities. There is a sore, bruised feeling all over the body. Later in these conditions patient gets weaker and weaker, becomes drowsy and often falls into a stupor from which he can hardly be aroused. When aroused to answer any question he will fall asleep before answering or finishing what he wants to say. Face dark red, dull and bloated in appearance. Feels as if scattered all over the bed and will often toss from one side to the other, trying to get himself together. Stool dark and very offensive with rumbling in the ileo-cecal region. Urine and sweat also offensive. Tongue at first white, later on a dark or brownish streak forms all along the center of the tongue.

Baryta Carbonica. 6x.

Tonsillitis or chronic enlargement of the tonsils from every little cold, or suppressed sweating of the feet. Body sensitive to cold and damp weather, especially the head. In general marasmus of the young or old; but especially where the abdomen is very large and with a tendency to glandular swelling. In children that do not grow and are weak in body and mind, often with large heads that are out of proportion to the body; idiots. In the old that are feeble, childish and who stiffer from loss of memory. Good appetite but grows poor, showing lack of assimilation. Offensive sweating of feet.

Belladonna. 3d to 12d.

One of the delirium and head remedies. Head hot, extremities cold, face red and often purple, throbbing carotids, eyes bloodshot, wild delirium, showing engorgement of the brain. Delirium, fears imaginary things, and is violent and hard to control. Upper lip may be swollen. Localized Inflammation or boils in first stage, coming on suddenly, painful, throbbing and of deep red color. Inflammation and fever coming on suddenly without warning. Pain appears suddenly and disappears suddenly. Headache worse on stooping down or lying down, relieved by bending head back. Burning dryness of throat, constant desire to swallow to relieve the dry sensation. Marked tenderness in abdomen which is aggravated by least jar or motion. When head is uncovered or not bundled up in cold weather, will easily take cold. Patient takes cold easily from hair cutting. Shining, smooth, uniform, red surface, so hot as to cause a burning sensation to hand. Convulsions with belladonna symptoms. In females, pressing downwards as if vulva would come out; aggravated in morning. Pain in back as if it would break.

Berberis Vulgaris. 3d to 6d.

Weakness and prostration in the small of the back. There is a sore, lame feeling with stiffness, aggravated by sitting, lying down, or getting up from seat. Often there is a numb feeling in back. All symptoms aggravated by overexertion. These symptoms as a result of wrongs in the kidneys or urinary organs in general. There is change in the urine, generally sediment. Burning in urethra when urinating is a prominent indication, as well as the bubbling sensation in the region of the kidneys. These conditions are found more in people that are pale and stiffer from prostration and general weakness. The pain and weakness in the back., aggravation on lying down, especially in the morning in bed, burning in urethra when urinating are prominent indications for this remedy.

Borax. 6x to 12x.

Dread or fear of downward motion. In the child we notice that it is afraid of falling and dreads every downward motion, even sometimes waking up with a cry, holding on to something for fear of falling down. In coughs the expectoration has a bad taste. Chronic nasal catarrh, where large crusts form and form again continually. Where eyelashes turn inward and are gummy and stick together we think of borax. One of our best remedies in aphthae with greenish stool. Leucorrhea profuse and hot and of starchy nature. In inflamed conditions of the urethra, especially in infants where they cry even before they urinate.

Bryonia. 3d to 6d.

Aggravation from motion. Pressure relieves. Patient will suffer from the slightest motion. The more he keeps moving the part affected the more he suffers stitching pains that come on or are aggravated from the slightest motion. These indications apply to any condition where the serous or mucous membranes or muscular tissues are involved. Person wants to lie on the affected side. Excessive dryness of mucous surface from lips to anus. In constipation stool hard as if burnt. Excessive thirst which requires large quantity of water to satisfy. Hard, dry cough. A good remedy in second stage of inflammation of serous membrane, after effusion has set in. It favors absorption of exudates. A fine remedy in pleurisy, peritonitis, pericarditis. In gastric disturbances, dietetic errors, especially in warm weather following cold weather. Bitter taste, and vertigo when rising from horizontal position.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.