Homeopathic dilutions: L

Lac Defloratum. 6d or Higher.

Despondent, does not care to live. American sick headache begins in forehead and extends to occiput, intense and throbbing with nausea and vomiting, especially on rising in morning, blindness; pressure relieves. Globus hystericus, vomiting first of food then of sour matter, then bitter. Obesity; fatty degeneration. Dropsy from organic heart disease; from chronic liver complaint; in advanced albuminuria following intermittent fever.

Lachesis. 12d Upwards.

Sleeps into aggravation, symptoms worse on awakening. A feeling of, constriction, but especially in the throat, cannot bear anything tight around it; lightest touch or pressure aggravates sense of constriction or condition. Empty swallowing and swallowing of liquid, aggravates more than solids. Pain in throat worse from hot drinks. Coryza where discharge from nose is suppressed after sleeping. In diphtheria it is our best remedy, but especially if throat looks bluish red, trouble started on left side. A valuable remedy in any condition of the throat when indicated no matter what the disease. Lachesis is considered a left sided remedy and will be found most useful in conditions of the left side or those arising on the left side. In prostration from heat or sun headache, especially if chronic; headache whenever exposed to the heat of the sun. Pressure or burning on vertex. Sleeps into aggravation of headache, face pale. In dark bluish eruptions or swellings no matter where and in what condition or disease lachesis will be found a valuable remedy. Uterine troubles where cervix has a dark blue color. Larynx, abdomen or uterus very tender and sensitive to touch, clothes even have to be loosened. In left sided paresis, paralysis, throat trouble, lung or ovarian trouble. Hacking cough in sleep without awakening. In bowel troubles where there is a sensation as if the rectum was closed, with a marked downward pressure which is so much aggravated by straining that patient has to stop on account of pain and pressure. Trembling with weakness and faint feeling as though unable to stand up. Tongue trembles in the effort to protrude it and generally catches tinder front teeth in the attempt. In enervation where patient stops breathing as soon as he falls asleep. Stool offensive. Hemorrhages of the bowels in severe acute diseases where the blood is of the nature of charred wheat straw, coming in flat flakes. In typhoid with this form of hemorrhage lachesis is a valuable remedy. Lachesis is a valuable remedy at the climateric, with flushes, top of head hot, in gradually increasing pains in uterus which are relieved by flow of blood which may occur at longer or shorter intervals. Hemorrhages at climateric. Whole pelvic contents tender.

Lycopodium. 30d or Higher.

This is considered a right sided remedy or one where the trouble arises in the right side. A prominent remedy in liver troubles of the atrophic variety. Patient is much depressed, irritable, weak and looks thin, sallow and old, and although mentally bright and active, there is a weak condition physically and a lack of muscular development. In gastric troubles which are generally the result of wrongs of the liver we find that there is great distress in abdomen from gas, the result of fermentation. There is great distention, especially in lower abdomen, often with much rumbling in the left hypochondriac region. Hungry, still a few mouth full fill patient up to, distress and he cannot eat any more. In constipation there is desire for, but stools are painful from abnormal contraction of the rectum. Urine dark and often scanty with red sediment. Pain in back which is eased by urinating when red sand is passed, is a prominent indication for this remedy. In troubles of the organs of respiration we find it useful in latter part of the second or first part of the third stage, especially if liver complications appear, and resolution is protracted. This applies especially to the right lung. In these cases there is cough with much expectoration and rattling, dyspnea, short breath and fan-like motion of the wings of the nose. There may be later, thick, gray or yellowish purulent expectoration of a salty taste and a great deal of rattling in chest. In these conditions lycopodium is a very useful remedy. When indicated it is not only a useful remedy in chronic but in acute diseases as well. A prominent indication of many conditions is the 4 to 8 P.M. aggravation. Nasal catarrh of the dry variety, nose clogged up, must breathe through mouth, worse nights, sore throat, tonsillitis or diphtheria starting on right side. Pain or troubles in the abdomen, ovaries, eruptions, or any complaint starting on the right side and crossing the left should make us think of lycopodium. Useful in impotency in the elderly and the young from masturbation or sexual excesses. In old people whose memory fails, who begin to find it hard to express themselves as they want to do either in speaking or writing it is a useful remedy.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.