Homeopathic dilutions: N

Natrum Carbonicum. 6x or Higher.

Conditions aggravated by mental exertion; but especially headaches. Headaches aggravated by light or from the heat of the sun. Patient very sensitive to noise; but especially to music. Is depressed and sad. In weak ankles, especially in children. A good remedy in chronic nasal catarrh extending to the posterior nares and throat. A thick mucus continually collects in throat which requires much straining and hawking to raise.

Natrum Muriaticum. 30x or Higher.

In anemia, throbbing headache, depressed spirit, hypochondriasis, comforting only aggravates condition, There may be palpitation of the heart. Chronic headache that comes on in paroxysms, there is intense throbbing, face pale or a little flushed, especially in the anemic. Headache in students from eye strain. Sense of dryness in mouth without actually being dry. Bitter or salty or loss of taste. In the alimentary canal we find that the corners of the mouth or the lips are dry and cracked and in some cases even ulcerated. There may be tingling or numbness of the mouth, lips or nose; this also applies to fingers and toes. There may be salivation of watery nature and very profuse, of salty taste. There is good appetite but a sense of fullness in stomach, patient feels dull, tired and sleepy after eating; but no matter how hearty the patient eats, he loses in flesh. Marked craving for salt. In constipation we find stool hard, dry and crumbling, may be fissure of the anus and bleeding with resulting soreness or smarting after stool. Urine increased in quantity and may pass involuntarily. Burning or cutting pain after urinating, in urethra. This same pain if found in gonorrhea or gleet when discharge is thin and watery will find a remedy in natrum mur. Watery leucorrhea which is irritating, and with pain in back, relieved by lying on something hard. Scanty menstruation, bearing down pain in the morning, pain in back eased by lying on back. Headache during or after menses, of throbbing nature, especially in anemic subjects, turning the eyes makes them feel sore and painful. Palpitation of heart which may be of violent nature with faintness worse lying on left side or lying down; pulse intermittent. Troubles arising from abuse of quinine and from malarial chills suppressed only by quinine. Chills coming on 10 to 11 A.M. In fevers we have the same time of aggravation. All symptoms of natrum mur. are relieved by sweating. In weak ankles it is useful, especially in small children that are late walking. Sensation or actual tension tinder knees as if cords were too short. Spine very sensitive to touch, but hard pressure ameliorates; this may be associated with weakness and even paresis of lower extremities. General debility, prostration and general nervous exhaustion. In skin troubles natrum mur. is especially useful, in eczema which shows much inflammation and rawness, especially at edge of hair. Tetter, especially where joints bend, which discharges an acrid fluid, a crust forming which cracks from time to time. In urticaria if indicated. Natrum mur. should not be given in large doses nor very often. In chronic cases a few doses a week often being sufficient. Relaxed uvula if indicated. In brain fag. Tongue clean, sometimes mapped, may be covered with white bubbles of saliva.

Natrum Phosphoricum. 3x.

A remedy largely used in acid conditions of the system; but especially in children who have been fed too much sugar, pastry, etc. We think of it when there are acid eructations, diarrhea with sour smelling or greenish stool, vomiting of sour, curdy, undigested masses, canker sores. Tongue indications for natrum phos. is a yellowish, creamy thick deposit or coating.

Natrum Sulphuricum. 3x.

In bilious conditions, bitter taste, vomiting of bile. Chronic diarrhea with liver trouble, marked soreness in the region of the liver, which is very sore to the touch or least jar. Aggravated in the morning and from damp weather. Flatulence and rumbling of flatus, especially in the ileo-cecal region. Chronic asthma aggravated in damp weather, cough loose with thick, greenish expectoration, often with pain in the lower left chest going through to back and in some cases so severe that patient jumps right up and holds chest with the hand or both hands. Trouble the result of living in damp low places.

Nux Vomica. 3d or Higher.

In the nervous temperament with hypochondriasis. In marked gastric disturbances with nervous condition as a result. Person is irritable and easily aroused to anger. Medicine cannot be borne well. There is oversensitiveness to noise. Headache from worry, anger, high living, abuse of alcoholic beverages, tea or coffee. Headache aggravated in open air, sunshine, from light or noise, constipation, hemorrhoids, drugging, masturbation, sour stomach. These headaches are generally not localized. Backache in bed relieved by sitting up. An hour or two after eating there is a pressure and tightness about waist. Mind confused for 2 or 3 hours after eating. Bloating in the epigastric region and a feeling of pressure as if there was a stone pressing in the stomach. Constipation; there is frequent desire but no result or only very little. Dysentery or diarrhea, stools frequent, slimy and sometimes bloody but small and unsatisfactory. Pain relieved a short time after each stool.

In fevers where there is great heat all over the body, loss of memory, cannot remain quiet and still, is hot and red, still uncovering the least will make the patient chilly. Menstruation comes on a little too early and is too profuse, generally lasts a few days longer than normal. Pain during the whole time. In girls or women at climateric with labor-like pains pressing down, extending to rectum, with desire for stool or frequent urination. Menorrhagia if patient is costive and there is aggravation in the morning. Morning aggravation is an important indication for nux vomica in many conditions.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.