Homeopathic dilutions: P

Phosphorus. 30d or Higher.

A useful remedy in either acute or chronic diseases. Burning sensation in any part of the body, especially of the hands and in the brain. In the back may be intense burning or heat running up the spine. Flushes radiating all over the body, will generally be found to start in back going upwards, or from the hands. Chronic congestion in the head. Phosphorus in chronic conditions is found indicated more in slender or tall persons, in young, slender people growing too fast and the nervous, weak and delicate, in the light complected, sensitive and those with quick perception. In phosphorus patients there is restlessness and anxiety but this comes on before other conditions show themselves. Fidgety all over. Face generally pale with bloated, sodden appearance. In fatty degeneration of the kidneys, liver, heart, especially in the weak subjects that waste away it is a useful remedy. On the other hand in obesity where there is fatty degeneration in the liver and of the tissues of the abdominal walls, phosphorus sometimes works wonders. Vertigo, especially in old people; desire for cold food or drinks but as soon as food gets warm in stomach is vomited up. In cases of spasmodic stricture of esophagus where food comes right up again without reaching the stomach, it is of value. Empty, faint feeling in whole abdomen, patient is hungry night or day, even soon after meals, and gets weak or faint if he does not eat then. Abnormal craving for salt. In diarrhea or dysentery, stool profuse and watery, mixed with white mucus which looks like small pieces of tallow, anus appears to be open, still tenesmus. Stool may be bloody with little pieces of frog spawn nature. In constipation stool is tough, dry and long and slender, like that of dogs. In chronic catarrh where a little blood comes from nose whenever patient blows it. In females vicarious bleeding of nose. There is a tendency to bleed in phosphorus patients; this may be from any orifice of the body, sores, cancers or other growths. Blood so broken down that it will not clot. Slightest wounds will bleed profusely and long. Therefore useful in persons that have a hemorrhagic diathesis. Of value in necrosis of the bones. The oppression in breathing in lung affections is marked. Hoarseness, especially evenings and before midnight, talking is difficult and always aggravates condition. In croup where there is marked involvement of the bronchial tubes and lungs. In bronchitis we find cough to be worse evenings and fore part of night, tight coughing shaking whole body, patient suppresses same as long as possible as it pains so in chest to cough. Lying on left side, talking, reading, cold and laughing aggravate it.

In pleurisy if patient lies on left side it aggravates symptoms. In pneumonia there is a heavy feeling in chest as if a weight were on it. In this disease it may stop progress of the trouble if given in the state of hepatization if indicated. However, it is more effective in the stage of resolution if indicated. It acts most powerfully on the lower right lung, but is of great value in general conditions of lungs if indicated. Phosphorus is a remedy that should not be given in low potencies nor in too large doses and not too often. In chronic cases a few doses a week are generally sufficient.

For mind symptoms see under proper heading.

Phytolacca Americana. 3d to 6d.

In mastitis, breasts swollen, hard and painful, with much fever, headache, and pain in the back. When child nurses pains radiate all over the body. Lumps in the breasts are often removed by the use of this remedy, if ,given in high potencies. In tonsillitis or mild form of diphtheria it is of value when there are sharp pains in throat running to the ears, tonsils red and swollen with white spots forming on them. Patient is very weak, gets dizzy and faint when sitting up, severe headache and pain in the back, aches all over and feels sore and bruised, and although there is a tendency to move, the least move aggravates condition. Body and extremities generally cool, with high fever, quick pulse and hot face and head. Sciatic rheumatism, pain running down the, outer side of the leg, especially if worse in damp weather. In infants who want to bite on everything they can get hold of and who bite their gums together a great deal, especially if there are digestive disturbances or there is diarrhea, cholera infantum, etc.

Plumbum Metallicum. 30d or Higher.

Wrist drop, partial or general paralysis. Blue, lines at the margin of the gums. Excessive hyperesthesia of the skin which is so severe that person cannot bear to be touched. Emaciation which comes on suddenly and progresses rapidly. Sensation of or actual retraction of abdomen, colic or pain in abdomen which radiates to all parts of the body, especially if there is a sensation of or actual retraction of the, abdomen.

Pulsatilla. 3d.

This remedy is one that is mostly found indicated in the female sex and especially in those of light complexion with light hair, blue eyes, pale face. There is sadness and despondency with mild, gentle, yielding and changeable disposition. Patient weeps easily but grieves silently. Changeable symptoms are characteristic of this remedy. If pain it will rapidly shift from one place to another; hemorrhages or menses will stop and flow; stools in diarrhea will change, hardly two alike in color, Bad taste in mouth in morning, often with much dryness but no thirst. Disorders resulting from rich foods, particularly from very fat pork. Expectoration has a bitter taste. Patient always feels better in the cold, even if chilly. Better in cold air, with cold applications; worse in warm rooms. Discharge of mucous surfaces is thick, bland and green or yellowish green. In neuralgia or rheumatism, where pain shifts rapidly from one place to another where joints are red and swollen, it acts well if indicated. In females if menses come too late, are scanty, suppressed or delayed, especially from getting wet feet, pulsatilla is the remedy. Where iron has been used so much as to harm the patient it is a good remedy. Pressure will relieve the pulsatilla headache. In gonorrhea where testicles becomes involved, in mumps where testicles or mammae become involved it is a good remedy. Bear in mind the pulsatilla temperament in all cases.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.