Botanical name: 

Syn.—Apium Petroselinum; Parsley.
P. E.—Roots and seeds.
N. O.—Apiaceae.
N. H.—Europe and America. Properties: Diuretic.

Use: In irritation of the mucous membrane of the genito-urinary organs giving rise to scalding and burning. Of use in cystitis, gonorrhea, nephritis or in fact in any condition of irritation or inflammation where diuretic and soothing affects are indicated. Best given in form of an infusion. Apiol is a yellowish oily liquid prepared from parsley. It appears to be of great value in amenorrhea and some forms of dysmenorrhea. Has no abortive power. It stimulates nerve force. Dose 3 to 10 drops.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.