Additions, corrections, and table of articles.

For the sake of brevity, several details had been omitted; and during the process of the work, many additional facts have been evolved or procured: some of which are of sufficient importance to be added, and will be conveniently blended with casual corrections.

Some plants might be looked for in this first volume which will be found in the second, such for instance are Chimaphila and Gyromia, restored to Pyrola and Medeola.

Additions and corrections

(added to the respective plant entries -Henriette)

NOTICE. The second volume shall follow this in a few months, and contain from fifty to sixty plates and articles, many of which, upon medical Genera either new or omitted by Bigelow and Barton; such as

Leontodon, Leptandra, Lycopus, Monarda, Nelumbium, Oxalis, Oxycoccus, Pinckneya, Polanisia, Polypodium, Pterospora, Ruta, Sambucus, Scrophularia, Scutellaria, Sigillaria, Smilax, Spirea, Symphytum, Trillium, Ulmus, Verbena, Viburnum, Vitis, &c.

The last article including a monography of the North Ameritan Grape Vines, and the work concluding by a general table of all the Equivalents, with additional details.

End of the First Volume.

Medical Flora, or Manual of the Medical Botany of the United States of North America, 1828, was written by C. S. Rafinesque.