ASTER, L. Starwort. A fine prolific genus, we have nearly 100 species. Never before introduced in Materia Medica. I am indebted to Dr. Lawrence, of New Lebanon, for the following indications. The A. novanglia is emploved in decoction internally, with a strong decoction externally, in many eruptive diseases of the skin: it removes also the poisonous state of the skin caused by Rhus or Shumac. The A. cordifolius is an excellent aromatic nervine, in many cases preferable to Valerian. Many other species must be equally good, such as A. puniceus and these with a strong scent; they ought to be tried as equivalents of Valerian in epilepsy, spasms, hysterics, &c.

Medical Flora, or Manual of the Medical Botany of the United States of North America, Vol. 2, 1830, was written by C. S. Rafinesque.