Chap. 156. Of Costmary.

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I. The Names. It seems not to have any Greek Name : but the Latins call it Co-fius hortorum major : ibme call it Balsamita major, Aientha Grtca, Mentha Romana, Mentha Corymbi fera major, Aientha Saracenica ; by Gesner, in tdor tis, Oviaria : by Cafalpint/s, Herba Maridt; anc. Laffulata by others : In English^ Costmary, or Ale coast.

II. The Kinds. Of the Coflt/s hortorum, there are two Kinds, viz. I. The Greater, which is Costmary of which in this Chapter. 2. The Leffer, which is Maudlin, of which in its. place, in some one 0: the following Chapters of this Book ._· Many Au thors join these two Plants together in one Chap ter, making them as twTo Species under one Genus. But in my Opinion, notwithlfanding the Unity or Sameness of the Latin Name, they are truly two differing Herbs.

III. The Description. Costmary has a Root which *s somewhat hard, and very full of Strings, which being divided with the Heads of Leaves, may be replanted in the Spring time for encrease. Prom this Root spring forth many bread and long pale green Leaves dented, or cut a little about the Edges, every one standing upon a long Footstalk ; among which rise up many round green Stalks, with such like Leaves thereon, but lesser up towards the top, where it spreads into three, four, or more Branches every ens bearing an Vmble cr scaly Tuft of gold yellow

Flowers; somewhat like unto Tansie Flowers lesser which afterwards are the Heads which contain the Seed, 'which is small, fiat, and long : These. Flowers being gathered before they be rhe, keep their color and beauty a pretty while without Withering _·, and the whole Plant is of a verv pleasant Smell and Tajie, and very agreeable with t)* Stomach.

IV. The Places. It grows almost every where in Gardens, and is nurs'd up with us for the sweet Smelling of its flowers and Leaves. But in Ital) it has been found to grow naturally Wild in rough and untilled places, especially in the Duke of ,Tufi can/s Dominions.

V. The Times. It Flowers in June and July, and the Seed is ripe some time after.

VI. Hie Qualities. It is hot and dry in the end of the second Degree. It is Aperitive, Abstersive, Carminative, Digestive, Discussive, Diuretick, Traumatick or Vulnerary h it is also Cephalick, Neurotick, Stomatick, Cordial, Nephritick, and Hysterick ; Alexipharmick, and Analeptick.

VII. The Specification. It is singular in curing all sorts of Green Wounds.

VIII. The Preparations. You may prepare therefrom, 1. A liquid Juice. 2. An Essence. 3. An Infusion or Decoction. 4. A Pouder An Oil by Inflation. 6. An Ointment. 7. A Balsam. 8. A Cataplasm. 9. A Spirituous Tincture. 10. An Acid Tincture. 11. An Oily Tincture. 12. A Salme Tincture. 13. A Spirit. 14. An Oil Dift^d' 15. Potestates or Powers. 16. An Elixir. 17. A Fixed Salt.

The Virtues.

IX. The liquid Juice of the Herb. It provokes Urine mightily, by opening Obstructions of the Urinary Parts ; and by injection takes away the hardness of the Womb, if it be not Cancerous: It gently evacuates Choler and Flegm, attenuates

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that which is thick and gross, cuts and divides that which is tough and glutinous, cleanses that which is tbul, hinders Corruption or Putrefaction, dissolves without Attraction, opens Obstructions, and re-moves their evil effects. It strengthens the Stomach and Liver, and all the other Viscera _·, and if it is taken from two ounces to four, or fix, in Clarified Whey, it operates the more effectually to all the aforenamed intentions. Being also duly given Morning and Evening, as also about two or three hours before the coming of a Quotidian Ague, it is very powerful in repressing it, and for the most part Cutes ir.

X. The Essence. It has all the Virtues of the liquid Juice, and indeed more powerful to all the intentions besides which, it is an excellent thing to be used Dietetically by all those who have composed Wounds, running Sores, old and putrid Ulcers, inveterate Fistula's, or have a Cachexia, or are inclinable to the Green-sickness, in which last cafe, it does as much as most Vegetables can do. It may be given either alone of it self, ot mixt with a glass of White Port Wine, from one ounce to fix, every Morning faffing, and last every Night at Bed time Thus taken, it is also very profitable against continual Pains of the Head, to stop, dry up, and consume all thin distillations, which are apt to fall upon the Lungs, and helps to digest raw Humors. It is a truly beneficial thing to the Bowels, and kills Worms in Children.

XI. The Infusion, or Decoction in Wine. They have the Virtues of the Juice and Essence, but not full out so powerful, and therefore may be given to half a Pint, Morning, Noon, and Night. It opens Obstructions of the Womb, and if seasonably taken, viz. about a Week before the time, it provokes the Terms in Women.

XII. The Pouder of the Leaves. It is a good Stomatick, and may be taken from half a dram, to two drams, Morning and Night, in any proper Vehicle. I commend it to such as are apt to have the Gout to fly upwards into the Stomach : it is Astringent, refills Poison, and the bitings of. Venomous Beasts, and kills Worms in Humane Bodies.

XIII. The Oil by Infolation, or boiling in Oil Olive. It warms and comforts Parts affected with any Preternatural Coldness, and refills the afflux of cold and moist Humors, it discusses Swellings, and gives ease in the Gout, Sciatica, and other like Pains.

XIV. The Ointment. If it is made with the addition of Adders-tongue, it is an excellent thing to cure Burnings and Scaldings, whether with Fire, Water, or Oil, and to cleanse and heal old Ulcers h and particularly to discuss hard Tumors in Womens Breasts.

XV. The Balsam. It not only cures simple Green Wounds at the first Intention, but also digests and maturates those which are Composed or Complicate. It digests putrid and eating Ulcers, and by its Anodyn quality eases their Pains h it cleanses them, and if hollow, or wanting in flesh, it incarnates ^ and by its Astringent property, it dries up their Humidities, strengthens the part, and brings the Sore to a speedy healing.

XVI. The Cataplasm. Applied, it discusses recent Contusions, cleanses old and running Sores, re-lifts the putridity of Ulcers, eases the Gout, strengthens weak Limbs and Joints, abates Inflammations, and draws out the fire in Burnings, being applied before they are bliiterVL

XVII. The Spirituous Tincture. It warms and Qtys a cold and moist Stomach, and is an especial

«__& t0 help ^ evil> weak> cold> and dii: Tr\ Liver* Ic Prevails against Convulsions, and w diftcmperature, or tortions of the Bowels,

strengthens the Nerves, Head and Brain, and helps all cold and mdilt dilaffecFions of those parts. By the constant taking of it, stops and dries up Catarrhs^ and the affluxes of cold Rheums to other parts of the Body and is very profitable against an invete-rate Head-ach, proceeding from a cold, and moilt Cause. Dole one spoonful Morning and Night, in a Glass of Sherry, Canary, White Port, or other Generous Wine.

XVIII. The Acid Tincture. It is a most singular Stomatick, refills Crudities and Putrifaction, and therefore is very good against all Putrid-, Malign, and Pestilential Fevers : it quenches Thirst, cauics a good Appetite to food, and helps digestion. And being prudently administred, it is a very effectual Medicament to kill Worms in Children. Bathed well in, Morning, Noon, and Night, upon places affected with the Gout, it opens the Pores, attracts and draws forth the malign Humor, eases the Pain to a Miracle, discusses the Tumor, and quickly restores the Patient to his desired health. When it is taken inwardly, it is to be given in some proper Vehicle, or Wine, to a grateful Acidity ^ it represses Vapors from the Womb, and is to be taken Morning, Noon, and Night.

XIX. The Oily Tincture. It eases all external Aches or Pains in any part of the Body whatsoever, proceeding from a cold and moist (^aufe, it takes away the relaxation of the Nerves, and Muicies^ prevails wonderfully against the Paliie, and strengthens the Mufcles, Nerves, Tendons and Joints, being weakned through Pain, or any afflux of Humors. But in case of the Palsie, the Back-bone, from the Neck to the Anus, is daily, Morning and Night, to be well anointed therewitli, as also all the Parts which are affected, rubbing and chafing it in. It cures the Nerves, being Prickt or Wounded, immediately easing the Pain, and abating the Tumor % and in a short time after heals the Wound. If it is taken inwardly from twelve to twenty or thirty drops, in any Homogene Vehicle, it cures cold and moist Distempers of the Head, Brest and Lungs, and prevails against the Head-ach, Megrim, Vertigo, Carus, Lethargy, Apoplexy, Falling-sickness, Palsie of the Head and Tongue, and other Diseases of lil e kind. It also opens Obstructions of the Reins and Womb, and is prevalent against Vapors, and Fits of the Mother.

XX. The Saline Tincture. Given to one drefm, or more, in a Glass of White Port Wine, Morning and Evening, it Angularly opens the Urinary Passages,and powerfully provokes Urine, expelling all preternatural, or Tartarous Matter out of the Reins, Ureters, and Bladder, and is very prevalent against a Sarcites, or Anasarca, which is a Dropsie in the fleshy parts of the whole Body.

XXI. The Spirit. It is Cordial, and refills Poison, and is prevalent against Fainting and Swooning Fits, Vapors, and Fits of the Mother : it refills the malignity Of the Plague or Pestilence, and the contagion of the Spotted Fever, or other infectious Diseases _·, it is good also against the Venom of Serpents, as of the Viper, Rattle Snake, and others of that kind, the poison of Mad-Dogs, for which there are but few better remedies. It is a singular thing against Vomiting, and sickness at Heatt, by reviving the Spirits, and strengthening the Parts.

XXII. The Distilled Oil. Taken inwardly in any proper Vehicle ( being first dropt into White Sugar) it comforts the Head, Brain, and Nerves, dries up cold and moist Humors, and is helpful against all those Diseases which are caused by them, in any of the Parts aforenamed. It cures Palhes, inwardly taken and outwardly appliedy to also Convulsions, happening in what part of the body

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soever. Taken to a dram at a time, in some proper Vehicle, two hours before the coming of the Fit ot an Ague, it cures it _·, more especially if it is taken or repeated two, three, or lour times : The belt thing to take it in (in this case ) is the strongest Wine: in the same (and in the same Dofe) also in a Palsie ; but in other Distempers it may be taken from ten to twenty or thirty drops: outwardly also anointed upon Crimps, and parts Convulsed, it gives relief in a short time.

XXIII. The Powers. They have ail the same Virtues with the Oil, and are much more Subtil and Penetrative, yet may be taken in a much larger Dose, as from a dram to four drams, in any proper Vehicle. They have also all the Virtues of the Spirit, aforementioned, and strengthen the Stomach admirably. Given Morning and Night in White Port Wine, or in some other Diuretick Vehicle, as in Parsley, or hot Arsmart Water, Decoction , or Infusion of Winter Cherries, Use. they powerfully open Obstructions of the Reins, Ureters, and Bladder, provoke Urine, and expel all Tartarous Matter, as Stones, Gravel, Sand, Slime, Matter, use. lodged in those Parts.

XXIV. The Elixir. It has ail the Virtues of the Spirit, Distilled Oil, and Powers, exalted, performing more effectually, and more gratefully to the Stomach, all that it is possible for those Preparations to do. It renovates, as it were, the Blood, and all the Juices, strengthens the Heart, and comforts the whole Universal Frame, making the Patient pleasant, lively, chearful, and giving him a healthful habit of Body. Being bathed upon parts affected with the Gout, in a cold habit of Body it gives relief, and in a short time. Taken inwardly in a Glass of Canary, from one dram to three or four, it gives present ease in the Colick, by dissipating and expelling the Wind.

XXV. The Fixed Salt. It is good against Diseases of the Nerves, by carrying off the Matter which obstructs them, by the Reins _·, for it dissolves Viscous Juices in all parts of the Body, especially in the Blood, and causes them to be piss'd forth for as it opens Obstructions of the Urinary Parts, and provokes Urine, by its mixtion with the Blood, so it carries off the Morbifick Mattel of Palsies, Numbness, Rheumatisms, and Obstructions ( be they where they will) the tight way, viz. by that way which Nature seems most inclined to promote, which is most commonly by Urine. Dose twenty, thirty, or forty grains Morning and Night, in a large glass of White Port Wine.

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.