To the Queen,


I account it more a Duty than a Presumption, to appear to Your Majesty, though with such a Trifle as the following Book; and therefore chose to break through that Difficulty, rather than to be guilty of such a Fault, of letting slip any Opportunity in which I might let Your Majesty know, with what a Profound Respect I approach Your Great Presence.

Our Great Island, which ever since the Memory of Man, has been divided into two distinct Kingdoms, of different Names, Powers, Governments, Religions, Customs, Affections, and Interests, your Majesty has United and Made one. It was what your Great and Royal Ancestors, with all their Power and Industry, were never able to perform: But it was a Work, the Honour of which, the Supreme Powers reserv'd for You. This Union of the British Nations was an Undertaking so Great in its Performance, so Noble in its Kind, so Admirable in its Effects, so Desireable in its Good, so Singular in its Appearances, and so Profound in its Structure; that none could have been able to have done it, but a Greatness of Mind like Yours. One of a Superlative Prudence and Resolution, of an Unwearied Industry, of an Unmatchable and Unspaken Zeal for the Publick Good; of a Magnanimous Soul, Inspir'd with the Holy Spirit of the Immortal God.

You have, Madam, by this Union, shut up the Back-Door, by which Great Britain was always liable to be Assaulted; and thereby have added a Jewel more to the Imperial Crown; and Adorn'd it with an Illustration, the Greatest and most desirable in its Kind, which will be, both to the British Isles, and to Your Majesty also, not only an Important Security, but an Everlasting Ornament of Glory.

Surely Madam, You who could Unite Hearts in an Eternal Bond of Friendship, was the most fit Instrument to Unite Kingdoms in one Bond of Interest and Duty. To make those who were so different in Climate, Sovereignty, Religion and Manners, One People, in the Bonds of Nature and Affection: And to make them, with one Joint Design, Intention and Will, to become One United and Faithful People, to so Desireable and Generous a Mistress. But what might not be expected from such a Lady, so Great and so Good a Queen? Whose Conjugal Friendship was, and is still the Wonder of Mankind, (a Noble Pattern to all the Sex) which exceeded even to Admiration, whatever has been yet seen upon Earth: Who is it that has Sense and Gratitude in his Soul, would not even lay down his Life for such a Friend?

When I consider the Admirable Hand of Providence, which has brought Your Majesty to the Throne of the British Kingdoms, and has put their Crowns upon Your Imperial Head, which has made Glorious Your Reign, with a Series of Wonderful Successes, and even Amazing Victories, over the Most Formidable Tyrant of the Earth; rendering his mighty Attempts against You, Vain and Foolish; notwithstanding his Confederacy with Destruction, his Covenant with Death, and his Agreement with Hell; to the Delivering You and Your People out of his Snare, and the Establishing of Your Just Title, upon Everlasting Foundations, against all Pretenders whatsoever: I humbly prostrate myself to that Tremendous Being.

What can I say, but that God is with You, and that You are an Especial Object of his Care, who thus stedfastly holds You as in the Palm of his Hand: Your Sincerity, and Generous Love to Mankind, have prevail'd with that Almighty Power, who has given You a Transcendant Portion of Wisdom, to Conduct You through the Labyrinths of Dominion and Government; even whilst You have been Fighting the Publick Enemy of all Europe, and putting a Hook into his Jaws, by which You have already Tamed the Monster, fill'd him with Shame and Contempt, and cover'd him with Confusion of Face.

What may I call the Instruments of Your Warfare, which have made You thus to prevail? Who is it that has set Your Feet upon the Necks of Your Enemies, and given You Strength to humble the Pride of the Lofty ? Who is it that has Established our Strength, to break in Pieces the Invincible Powers, (as they were Foolishly called,) by which You have given a Demonstration to the World, of that Profanity and Vanity ? Who is it that has thus made Your Majesty to Triumph, and adorned you with the Palms of Victory ?

'Tis the Great and the Holy One, the Mighty God of Jacob, who has done all these things for You; to whom I make my Daily Addresses, that he may yet Defend and Support the Righteous Cause in which You are engaged ; Direct Your Counsels with Wisdom and Prudence ; ^Proffer Your Arms wherever they are engaged ; and that the Angel of his Presence may Attend and Conduct You in all Your Ways: So that making You the Restorer of the Breaches, You may Establish such an Universal Peace in Europe-as may Recognize Your Happy Reign, and cause it to shine with a most Resplendent Luster, to all Succeeding Ages of Time.

You Condemn Madam, the Poor and Little Artifices of Tyrants; You have a Soul too Great to think of such Meanness, and a Spirit too Noble for the bare Thoughts of such Depraved Vileness : You act with the Magnificence of Grandeur, made Illustrious with Piety, and an unbounded Goodness, replete with all the Ornaments of Sincerity and Virtue, by which You will Live in After-Ages, and Your Name be made Immortal. So that instead of the Diadems being an Honor to Your Majesty, You are become the Exalted Honor of Royalty, and the Glory of the Purple ; which makes Your Sovereignty Shine as the most Splendid Brightness, among the Heroes of Time.

GOD has not only made You a Great Queen, but even the Greatest of Princes ; and Your Early Piety, as it has advanced You above the best of Women Kind; so it has Exalted You above the Greatest of Crowned Heads. Your Virtues merit a perpetual Encomium, and your Excelling Goodness to your People, is that which is never to be forgotten ; whom you have been pleased to Oblige with Transcendent Acts of Kindness; so Extraordinary and Superlative in their kind, as all Succeeding Generations, under an Eternal Sense of Gratitude, will be forced for ever to acknowledge.

You carry with You Madam, Majesty and Honor, and your Sword determines the Successes of War, making with Your Thunder, the World afraid ; giving Laws as far as Your Dreaded Name does reach ; which makes the Tyrants of the Earth, those Barbarous Murderers of Mankind to tremble, and frightens the Obsequious Slaves to Villany. Your Triumphs are not in the Ruin of Nations and Kingdoms, not in Victories of Blood and Cruelty, not for Dominion and Sovereignty; but to give Freedom and Ease to Mankind, and set the World at Liberty.

May the High and the Lofty One, the Almighty GOD, He by whom Kings and Queens Reign, and Princes decree Justice, give Your Majesty a Long and a Happy Life; may He Prolong it to an Accomplished Period, for the Good of Your People, to whom You have shewn Your Self so exceedingly Kind. May he Bless You with Prosperity, and give You that inward Consolation and Peace of Mind, which may as Infinitely exceed all the Enjoyments of this Life, how Great and Magnificent so ever, as the Heavens are-high above the Earth; and make Your Great and Illustrious Soul, enjoy the Fullness of Satisfactions, to the Ultimate of whatever You can desire. So that- Crowning You with Glory and Honor here, You may very late Ascend, as on Eagles Wings, to those Eternally Serene Habitations of Peace and Tranquility ,where You may be for ever Transcendently Happy. So Ardently Prays

Your Majesties Most Humble, Most Faithful,
Most Obedient Subject and Servant,

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.
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