Chap. 07. Of the Fifth Qualities.

I. The fifth Qualities of Medicaments are such as are Adductive, to wit, such as by a peculiar Property, add something to the Body, or to some of its Juices or Parts.

II. And these are such as restore, or daily add to the principal Juices and Parts of the Body, even to the whole Body, without which Human Life, or its Generative Powers, could not be conserved; and they are,

III. 1. Chylificks, or Breeders of the Nutritive Juice.. These are such things as conserve the natural heat of the Stomach, so that it may be able to concoct and digest the Food received in, without which a good Chylus could not be bred. They are generally hot in the second, third and fourth degree, so that they may not only preserve but restore the Tone of the Stomach if hurt; and these are proper Stomachicks, hot, dry, and of thin parts, sharp and attenuating. But when the Stomach is over-heated, and so the Concoction is hurt, as also the Appetite in a great measure destroyed. Then cold Chylificks are to be chosen, which may allay the praeternatural heat, and reduce it to its just Temperament; and these are Cowcumers, Lettice, Purslane, and generally Acids, as all ripe Fruits, Lime Juice, Limon Juice, Vinegar, Spirits of Nitre, Salt, Sulphur and Vitriol; all which not only allay the praeternatural heat, but also excite the Appetite, and help the Digestion.

IV. 2. Analepticks, or Restorers. These are such things as breed a Restorative Chylus, which is of absolute necessity in such as are in consumptions. The Stomach may breed Chyle, and that plentifully, yet it may not be good, or restorative; such a nutritious Juice is to be educed from those things, which have naturally in them a restoring Virtue; which as they ought to be Stomachicks, or mixed with Stomachicks, so they ought to warm the Stomach if cold. They are hot in the first and second degrees, and for the most part of a fat or glutinous Substance, yet spirituous withall; of this kind are Meats made of Wheat Flower, as thick Milk, Hasty Pudding, also Parsneps, Turneps, Potatoes, &c. and a Liquor called Punch, thus made. Take choice Brandy, fair Water, of each a Quart, Lime Juice, a Pint, or three quarters of a Pint, double refined Sugar, a Pound; mix and dissolve: Of which the Consumptive may drink half a Pint at a time, in the morning, just before Dinner; at four in the Afternoon, and at Bed-time. To these things you may add Milk-meats, Cheese-cakes, Custards, Oisters, &c.

V. 3. Galactogeneticks.

These are things which breed Milk in Nurses. This is done partly by Meats, and partly by Medicine. For Food it is such as is Euchymick, and Polytrophick, of good Juice, and of much Nourishment, a little hotter and drier than the Blood, if it is chilly and pituitous; but more moist, and less hot, if affected with Choler. Medicaments breeding Milk, are hot and of thin parts, and of affinity to those things which gently provoke Urine. But such things as are strong, and provoke the Courses, hinder its Generation by too much eliquation of the Humours. Things also too cold, thickning, digesting, or drying, do the same.

VI. 4. Spermatogeneticks.

These are things generating Sperm or Seed. They are hot, and not very dry, but flatulent and spirituous, and breed of the purest and most spirituous parts of the Blood; and therefore all such things as encrease a strong and good Chylus, and from thence much and good Blood, encrease the quantity of Seed. It is also stimulated by things hot, volatil, thin of substance, penetrating and sharp; and hindred by things cold, insipid, non-nutritive, and discutient.

VII. 5. Alexipharmicks, or Antidotes.

These are Medicaments adding Vigour to the Vital and Animal Spirits, to resist and overcome Poison, and are antipathetical to it. They are hot and dry in the second, third and fourth degrees, subtil and volatil, confortative to the Stomach and Heart, and homogene with the Spirits, enlivening the Human Body. They

  • 1. Strengthen Nature, that it may be the more able to encounter the Poison.
  • 2. They oppose the Poison, just by its opposite Quality.
  • 3. By their potency, volatility and expulsive force, they violently expel it.

Vomits, Catharticks and Sudorificks, immediately used, and in this order, are good expedients. If in the Stomach, Vomiting. In the Entrails, Purging; but if in the Spirits, (as in the Plague) Sweating.

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.
This chapter has been proofread by Henriette / Christopher Hedley.