Chap. 02. Of the Greek Names of Plants.

At First entrance upon this Work, we thought to have given you the known Greek Names of all the Herbs and Plants described in this Herbal, in the order they were treated of; but finding that it would have been too tedious a Labour, and an Undertaking that would not have answer’d the End, and that withall, besides the taking up of room, it would have mightily encombred the Discourse; we in a manner wholly declined the same: However, for the sakes of all such as are Lovers of the Greek Tongue, and desirous to call the Species of each Plant by its proper Appellation in that Language, we have in the body of this Work, given you the known Greek Name or Names of each Genus, and the various Latine Epithites, by which the differing Species of that Plant ought to be distinguished; by which, applying to those several and various Latine Epithites, (which are in this place ranked Alphabetically) the Greek Words answering to them, you will have the complicated Greek Names, as full and compleat, as if we had severally perfected them, in order of their several Chapters.


1. Acer, cris, cre.
    Δριμύς, μεῖα, μύ.

2. Aculeatus, a, um.
    κεντρωτός, τή, τόν.
    κεντητικός, χή, κόν.

3. Agrestis, tis, te.
    πεδινός, νή, νόν.

4. Agrius, a, um.
    ἄγριος, ια, ιον.

5. Albus, a, um.
    Λευκός, κή, κόν.

6. Angustus, a, um.
    στενός, νή, νόν.

7. Angustifolius, a, um.
    στενόφυλλος, λη, λον.

8. Aquaticus, a, um.
    ἔνυδρος, ρα, ρον.
    ὑδατώδης, ης, ες.
    φίλυδρος, ρα, ρον.

9. Arboreus, a, um.
    Δενδριακός, κή, κόν.

10. Aromaticus, a, um.
    ἀρωματικός, κή, κόν.

11. Arvus, a, um. (ager incultus.)
    ἀγεώργητος, τη, τον.

12. Asper, era, erum.
    τραχώδης, ης, ες.
    τραχύς, χεῖα, χύ.

13. Autumnalis, lis, le.
    ὀπωρινός, νή, νόν.


14. Bambacinus, a, um.
    βαμβακινός, νή, νόν.

15. Barbatus, a, um.
    ἐκπώγων, γων, γον.

16. Basilicus, a, um.
    βασιλικός, κή, κόν.

17. Benedictus, a, um.
    ἐυλογητός, τή, τόν.
    μακαρίτης, της, τες.

18. Bromosus, a, sum. i. fœtidus.
    βρωμώδης, ης, ες.

19. Bulbosus, a, um.
    βολβώδης, ης, ες.

20. Byssinus, a, um.
    βύσσινος, νή, νόν.

    21. Cærulus, a, um.
    θαλασσικός, κή, κόν. [typographical error; it should read: θαλασσιός, ή, όν. - Alan Steele.]

22. Cærulæus, a, um.
    κυάνεος, νεα, νεον.

23. Campestris, ris, re.
    ποδιαῖος, ῖα, ῖον

24. Caninus, a, um.
    κυνικός, κή, κόν.

25. Cavus, a, um.
    κοῖλος, λη, λον.
   26. Circularis, ris, re.
    κυκλικός, κή, κόν.

27. Communis, nis, ne.
    κοινός, νή, νόν.

28. Coronarius, ia, ium.
    στεφανοπλόκος, κή, κόν.

29. Crematus, a, um.
    πριονωτός, τή, τόν.

30. Cyaneus, a, um.
    κυνικός, κή, κόν.


31. Declivis, vis, ve.
    κατάντης, της, τες.

32. Densus, a, um.
    πυκνός, νή, νόν.

33. Dentatus, a, um.
    ὀδοντώδης, ης, ες. [should perhaps read: ὀδοντοειδής, ής, ές, which is the usual form. - Alan Steele.]

34. Dulcis, cis, ce.
    γλυκερός, ρα, ρον.

35. Duplex, lex, lex.
    διπλόος, όη, όον.

36. Duplus, a, um.
    διπλοῦς, λῆ, λοῦν.
    διπλάσιος, ια, ιον.
   37. Dumosus, a, um.
    ἀκανθώδης, ης, ες.

38. Durus, a, um.
    σκληρός, ρά, ρόν.
    χαληπός, πή, πόν. [typographical error, it should read: χαλεπός, πή, πόν. - Alan Steele.]


39. Falsus, a, um.
    ψευδής, ής, ες.

40. Flavus, a, um.
    ξανθός, θή, θόν.
    μήλινος, νή, νόν.

41. Fæmineus, a, um.
    θηλυκός, κά, κόν.

42. Fæmininus, a, um.
    θήλειος, ια, ιον. [should probably read θῆλυς, εια, υ. - Alan Steele.]

43. Fontalis, lis, le.
    πηγαῖος, ῖα, ῖον.

44. Fruticosus, a, um.
    θαμνώδης, ης, ες.

45. Fungosus, a, um.
    μυκητοειδής, ής, ές.


46. Gibber, a, um; quasi Tuberus, a, um.
    κυφός, φή, φόν.
    ὕβιος, ια, ιον. [typographical error; it should read: ὑβός, ή, όν. - Alan Steele.]

47. Glaber, a, um.
    φαλακρός, ρά, ρόν.
    λεῖος, ῖα, ῖον.
    ψιλός, λή, λόν.

48. Gladialis, lis, le; quasi Mucronatus, a, um.
    ὀξύθηκτος, τη, τον.

49. Gramineus, a, um.
    χορτώδης, ης, ες.

50. Guttatus, a, um.
    σταλαχθείς, εσσά, είν. [I have no idea what this word is or from what root Salmon derived it! The nearest equivalent to the Latin should be something like: στικτός, ή, όν. - Alan Steele.]


51. Hirsutus, a, um.
λάσιος, ια, ιον.

52. Hirtus, a, um.
δασύς, εῖα, ύ.

53. Hortensis, gis, se.
κηπευτός, τή, τόν.

54. Hortensius, a, um.
    ἥμερος, ρα, ρον.
    κηπαῖος, ῖα, ῖον.

55. Humilis, lis, le.
    ταπεινός, νή, νόν.


56. Incanus, a, um.
    πολιός, ιά, ιόν.

57. Incomparabilis, lis, le.
    ἀσύγκειτος, τη, τον.

58. Infrequens, ens, ens,
    ἀπάνιος, ια, ιον.
    ἀήθης, ης, ες.

59. Incultus, a, um.
    ἀγεώργητος, τη, τον.

60. Indicus, a, um.
    ἰνδικός, κή, κόν.

61. Junceus, a, um.
    σχοινώδης, ης, ες.

62. Juncifolius, a, um.
    σχοινόφυλλος, λή, λον.


63. Laciniatus, a, um.
Laciniosus, a, um.
    κολπώδης, δης, δες.

64. Lacteus, a, um.
    γαλακτινός, νή, νον.

65. Lævis, vis, ve.
    λεῖος, ῖα, ῖον.

66. Latifolius, a, um.
    πλατύφυλλος, λη, λον.
    ἐυρύφυλλος, λη, λον.

67. Latus, a, um.
    ἐυρύς, ρεῖα, ρύ.
    πλατύς, τεῖα, τύ.

68. Litoralis, lis, le.
Litoreus, a, um.
    αἰγιαλώδης, ης, ες.

69. Lignosus, a, um.
    ξυλοειδής, ής, ές.

70. Longus, a, um.
    μακρός, ρά, ρόν.
    δολιχός, χή, χόν.

71. Luteus, a, um.
    χλωρός, ρά, ρόν.
    κροκώδης, ης, ες.
    ξανθός, θή, θόν.
    ὠχρός, ρά, ρόν.


72. Maculosus, a, um.
    ῥυπαρός, ρά, ρόν.

73. Magnus, a, um.
    μέγας, αλη, α.

74. Maior, ior, ius.
    μεῖζων, ων, ον.

75. Maximus, a, um.
    μέγιστος, τη, τον.

76. Marinus, a, um.
    ἑλώδης, δης, δες.

77. Maritimus, a, um.
    θαλλάσιος, ια, ιον.
    ἑλώδης, δης, δες.

78. Masculus, a, um.
    ἀνδρεῖος, ῖα, ῖον.

79. Masculinas, a, um.
    ἀρρενικός, κή, κόν.

80. Minor, nor, nus.
    μείων, ων, ον.
    ἥττων, ων, ον.
    ἑλάττων, ων, ον.

81. Minimus, a, um.
    ἐλάχιστος, τη, τον.

82. Montanus, a, um.
    ὀρινός, νή, νόν. [should perhaps read: ὄρειος, α, ον, which is the more usual form, although ὀρινός does occur as the first element in a few compound words, but doesn’t usually stand alone. - Alan Steele.]

83. Multiplex, lex, lex.
    πολλάπλοος, οη, οον.


84. Nemoralis, lis, le.
    εὔδενδρος, ρα, ρον.
    ὑλώδης, δης, δες.

85. Nemorensis, is, e.
    ἀλσώδης, δης, δες.
    ὑλινός, νή, νόν. [typographical error, it should read: ὑλιμός, μή, μόν. - Alan Steele.]
    ὑλινόμος, μη, μον. [typographical error; it should read: ὑλονόμος, μη, μον. - Alan Steele.]

86. Nemorosus, a, um.
    ὑλώδης, δης, δες.
    ἀλσώδης, δης, δες.

87. Niger, gra, grum.
    μέλας, λαινα, λα.

88. Nothus, a, um.
    νόθος, θη, θον.

89. Nudus, a, um.
    γυμνός, νή, νόν.
    ψιλός, λή, λόν.


90. Paluster, tris, tre.
Palustris, tris, tre.
    ἑλώδης, δης, δες.
    ἕλειος, ια, ιον.

91. Parvus, a, um.
    μικρός, ρά, ρόν.
    ἀπαλός, λή, λόν.

92. Planus, a, um.
    λειώδης, δης, δες.

93. Pratensis, sis, se.
    λειμώνιος, ια, ιον.

94. Pumilus, a, um.
    νάνος, νη, νον.
    νανώδης, δης, δες.

95. Purpureus, a, um.
    πορφύρεος, ρεα, ρε.


96. Quadratus. a, um.
    τετράγωνος, νη, νον.

97. Quinquefolius, a, um.
    πεντάφυλλος, λη, λον.


98. Racematus, a, um.
    βοτρυώδης, δης, δες.

99. Ramosus, a, um.
    ἐρνώδης, δης, δες.
    κλαδώδης, δης, δες.
    πολύκλαδος, δη, δον.

100. Rarus, a, um; quasi infrequens.
    σπάνιος, ια, ιον.

101. Repens, ens, ens.
    ἕρπων, ων, ον.

102. Rotundus, a, um.
    στρογγύλος, λη, λον.

103. Ruber, bra, brum.
    ἐρυθρός, ρά, ρόν.

104. Rubeus, a, um.
    ἐνερευθής, θής, θές.


105. Sativa, a, um.
    κηπευτός, τή, τόν.
    σπόριμος, μη, μον.

106. Saxatilis, lis, le.
    πετραῖος, ῖα, ῖον.

107. Scaber, bra, brum.
    ψωραλέος, έα, έον.

108. Serratus, a, um.
    πριονωτός, τή, τόν.

109. Siliquosus, a, um.
    λοβώδης, δης, δες.

110. Simplex, lex, lex.
    ἁπλοῦς, λᾶ, λοῦν.

111. Spicatus, a, um.
    σταχυηρός, ρά, ρόν.

112. Spinosus, a, um.
    ἀκμηνθώδης, δης, δες. [should probably read: ἀκμηνώδης, δης, δες. - Alan Steele.]

113. Spurius, a, um.
    ὑπόβλητος, τη, τον.

114. Stellatus, a, um.
    ἀστρόεις, εσσα, εν. [I cannot find this word in the lexicons and think it should probably read: ἀστραῖος, α, ον. - Alan Steele.]
    ἀστροικός, κή, κόν. [typographical error; it should read: ἀστρικός, κή, κόν.

115. Suavis, vis, ve.
    ἡδύς, δεῖα, δύ.

116. Sylvester, tris, tre.
Sylvestris, tris, tre.
    ὄρειος, ια, ιον.


117. Tenuis, is, e.
    λεπτός, τή, τόν.

118. Tenuifolius, a, um.
    λεπτόφυλλος, λη, λον.

119. Terrestris, ris, re.
    χερσαῖος, αῖα, αῖον.
    ἐπίγειος, ια, ιον.

120. Terrenus, a, um.
    γήϊνος, νη, νον.
    χοϊκός, κή, κόν.

121. Tuberosus, a, um.
    φυμώδης, δης, δες. [typographical error; it should read: φυματώδης, δης, δες. - Alan Steele.]


122. Verus, a, um.
    ἀληθής, θής, θές.
    ἀληθινός, νή, νόν.

123. Vernalis, lis, le.
Vernus, a, um.
    ἐαρινός, νή, νόν.

124. Vulgaris, ris, re.
    δημώδης, δης, δες.
    κοινός, νή, νόν.
    πάδημος, μη, μον. [typographical error; it should read: πάνδημος, μη, μον. - Alan Steele.]
    ἐγκύκλιος, ια, ιον.

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.
This page was proofread by Alan Steele.