Chap. 02. Of the Greek Names of Plants.

At First entrance upon this Work, we thought to have given you the known Greek Names of all the Herbs and Plants described in this Herbal, in the order they were treated of; but finding that it would have been too tedious a Labour, and an Undertaking that would not have answer’d the End, and that withall, besides the taking up of room, it would have mightily encumbered the Discourse; we in a manner wholly declined the same: However, for the sakes of all such as are Lovers of the Greek Tongue, and defirous to call the Species of each Plant by its proper Appellation in that Language, we have in the body of this Work, given you the known Greek Name or Names of each Genus, and the various Latine Epithites, by which the differing Species of that Plant ought to be distinguished; by which, applying to those several and various Latine Epithites, ( which are in this place ranked Alphabetically) the Greek Words answering to them, you will have the complicated Greek Names, as full and compleat, as if we had severally preferred them, in order of their several Chapters.


1. Acer, cris, cre. Δειμύς, μεία, μύ.
2. Aculeatus, a, um. κεντζωτός, τή, τόν. κεντηπκός, χή, κόν.
3. Agrestis, tis, te. πεδινός, νή, νόν.
4. Agrius, a, um. άγριος, ια, ιον.
5. Albus, a, um. Λευκός, κή, κόν.
6. Angustus, a, um. σενός, νή, νόν.
7. Angustifolius, a, um. σενόφυλλος, λη, λον.
8. Aquaticus, a, um. ένυδρος, ρα, ρον. ύδατωδης, ης, ες. φίλυδρος, ρα, ρον.
9. Arboreus, a, um. Δενδροκός, κή, κόν
10. Aromaticus, a, um. αρωματικός, κή, κόν.
11. Arvus, a, um. (ager incultus.)
12 Aiper, era, erum
13. Autumnalis, lis, le.


14. Bambacinus, a, um.
15. Barbatus, a, um.
16. Bafilicus, a, um.
17. Benedietus, a, um.
18. Bromosus, a, sum. i. foetidus.
19. Blubosus, a, um.
20. Byssinus, a, um.


21. Caerulus, a, um.
22. Caerulaeus, a, um.
23. Campestris, ris, re-
24. Caninus, a, um.
26. Circularis, ris, re.
27. Communis, nis, ne.
28. Coronarius, ia, ium.
29. Crematus, a, um.
30. Cyaneus, a, um.


31. Declivis, vis, ve.
32. Densus, a, um.
33. Dentatus, a, um.
34. Dulcis, cis, ce.
35. Duplex, lex, lex.
36. Duplus, a, um.
37. Dumosus, a, um.
38. Durus, a, um.


39. Falsus, a, um.
40. Flavus, a, um.
41. Foemineus, a, um.
42. Foemininus, a, um.
43. Fontalis, lis, le.
44. Fruticolus, a, um.
45. Fungogus, a, um.
46. Gibber, a, um; quasi
Tuberus, a, um.
47. Glaber, a, um.
48. Gladialis, lis, le; quasi
Mucronatus, a, um.

49. Gramineus, a, um.
50. Guttatus, a, um.


51. Hirsutus, a, um.
52. Hirtus, a, um.
53. Horrensis, gis, se.
54. Hortensius, a, um.
55. Humilis, lis, le.


56. Incanus, a, um.
57. Incomparabilis, lis, le.
58. Infrequens, ens ens,
59. Incultus, a, um.
60. Indicus, a, um.
61. Junceus, a, um.
62. Juncifolius, a, um.


63. Laciniatus, a, um.
Laciniosus, a, um.
64. Laeteus, a, um.
65. Laevis, vis, ve.
66. Latifolius, a, um.
67. Latus,

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