582. Gnaphalium.—Life everlasting.

Botanical name: 

582. GNAPHALIUM.—LIFE EVERLASTING. The herb of Gnapha'lium polyceph'alum Michaux. Habitat: North America. Leaves lanceolate, entire, woolly, sessile on the erect stem, which is branched, and bears dense terminal clusters of small obovate flower-heads surrounded by dry, whitish involucres; florets yellow, tubular; odor pleasant, taste aromatic, bitterish. It probably possesses little medicinal value, but is a popular domestic remedy, used as a tea in diarrhea, hemorrhages, etc., and externally in a fomentation as a vulnerary. Dose: 30 to 60 gr. (2 to 4 Gm.).

A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917, was written by Lucius E. Sayre, B.S. Ph. M.