458. Hemidesmus.—Indian Sarsaparilla.

Botanical name: 

458. HEMIDESMUS.—INDIAN SARSAPARILLA. The root of a climbing East Indian plant, Hemides'mus in'dicus R. Brown. Long, cylindrical, slender, and tortuous; externally wrinkled and fissured, dark brown; wood yellowish, separated from the thin bark by a dark, wavy cambium line. Odor sweetish, tonka-like; taste sweetish and acrid. It is used in India as an alterative, and also in Great Britain, where it is official. Dose: 30 to 60 gr. (2 to 4 Gm.), in infusion or decoction.

A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917, was written by Lucius E. Sayre, B.S. Ph. M.