538. Catechu Pallidum.—Terra Japonica. Gambir.

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538. CATECHU PALLIDUM.—TERRA JAPONICA. GAMBIR. An extract obtained from a climbing plant of the East Indies, Ourouparia Gambir (Hunter) Baillon, by boiling the leaves, twigs, etc., in water. It is in about one-inch cubes, or in irregular pieces, reddish-brown or yellowish, breaking with a dull, earthy, pale yellowish fracture, showing under the microscope numerous crystals; inodorous; taste astringent and bitter, leaving finally a sweet taste in the mouth. It is mostly used in this country in tanning, dyeing, etc.; in its native country it is chewed with betel-nuts.

A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917, was written by Lucius E. Sayre, B.S. Ph. M.