Chionanthus Virginica (Fringe-Tree.)

Botanical name: 

This agent comes to us with the recommendation of Dr. I. J. M. Goss, of Georgia, who says:

"It possesses important alterative properties. As a catalytic, it has the most decided influence over the glandular system of any article I have tried. It pervades the whole system, combining with the materies morbi, and conveying it out of the system. I have used it in mercurial cachexy with the most happy success, in quite a number of instances. But the most important therapeutical property that it possesses, is its specific power over morbid conditions of the liver. I have tried it in hypertrophy of that organ, and with uniform success; and also in obstruction of the liver, in malarious districts, with like success. Some years ago I called the attention of the profession to its specific effects in jaundice, and gave several cases in proof of the fact. Since then I have used the Chionanthus in a great many cases of jaundice, and have never failed to remove it in but one single case, and that one I think was a case of obstruction of the gall ducts by calculi; in that case, I tried all the reputed cholagogues, without success. It removes jaundice of years standing, in from eight to ten days. I have treated several persons that had been subject to jaundice, annually, in summer, for several years, and had been dosed with blue pill, calomel, and other articles, without any benefit, and I have not failed in a single instance, to remove the disease entirely. And when it is relieved with the Chionanthus, it does not return; at least it has not, in any instance to my knowledge. It is as near a specific in jaundice, as quinine in periodicity. The mode in which I have used it is to make a tincture of the bark of the root in gin, say ℥ij. to the quart of gin, and give ℥ss. of this every three hours, or the fluid extract, and give from one to two drachms every three hours."

Specific Medication and Specific Medicines, 1870, was written by John M. Scudder, M.D.