Hedeoma Pulegioides. (Pennyroyal.)

Botanical name: 

This is a much neglected article, probably because it is so common. I regard it as one of the most valuable stimulant diaphoretics; very kindly received by the stomach, and quite certain in its action. As a remedy for colds it will prove very useful. To two ounces of the tincture add gtts. x. of Tincture of Veratrum, or ʒss. of Tincture of Ipecac, and give it in teaspoonful doses every one or two hours.

It is an admirable remedy for amenorrhoea from cold; the safest and most certain we have, I think. It may be given in doses of a teaspoonful every hour or two hours, or two or three times in the evening, with the hot foot bath.

Prepare your own tincture in this way: In July, gather a sufficient quantity of the herb, stem it, and at once pack the leaves in a percolator. Then add dilute Alcohol, or even common whisky, in the proportion of Oj. to each ℥viij. Let it stand twenty-four hours, and then draw off, putting on water until the tincture measures Oj. to each ℥viij.

Specific Medication and Specific Medicines, 1870, was written by John M. Scudder, M.D.