Trifolium Pratense. (Red Clover.)

Botanical name: 

Preparation.—Prepare a tincture from the recently dried blossoms of Red Clover, ℥viij. to Alcohol 50° Oj. Dose from gtt. j. to gtts. x.

The Red Clover exerts a specific influence in some cases of whooping cough, and in the cough of measles. It is not curative in all, but when it does good, the benefit is speedy and permanent. It may also be prescribed in other cases of spasmodic cough, in laryngitis, bronchitis and phthisis. We should be able to tell the exact condition where it proves beneficial, and where it fails, but thus far the use has been wholly empirical. In the further use of the remedy all the symptoms should be noted. It has given much satisfaction thus far, and is likely to prove a very valuable remedy.

Specific Medication and Specific Medicines, 1870, was written by John M. Scudder, M.D.