Calystegia sepium, Calystegia soldanella.

Calystegia sepium R. Br. Convolvulaceae. Bindweed.

Temperate climates. It has edible stalks which are eaten by the Hindus. The roots are said to be boiled and eaten by the Chinese, who manage, says Smith, to cook and digest almost every root or tuber in spite of the warnings of botanists and chemists.

Calystegia soldanella R. Br. Sea Bindweed.

Temperate climates. The tender stalks of the sea bindweed are pickled. The young shoots, says Johnson, were gathered formerly by the people on the southern coasts of England and pickled as a substitute for samphire.

Sturtevant's Edible Plants of the World, 1919, was edited by U. P. Hedrick.