Crateva magna DC. Capparideae.

Cochin China. The roundish, ash-colored fruits are eatable.

Crateva obovata Vahl.

Madagascar. The fruit is eatable.

Crateva religiosa Forst. f.

Old World tropics. In equatorial Africa, the fresh shoots are made into spinach and the young branches into tooth-scrubbers. In India, this plant furnishes food for man.

Crateva tapia Linn. Garlic Pear.

South America. The fruit is edible but not very good. It is the size of a small orange, eatable but not pleasant. In Jamaica, the fruit is spherical, orange-sized, with a hard, brown shell, a mealy pulp like that of a pear, sweetish, smelling like garlic, and near the center there are many kidney-shaped seeds. It is edible but not very pleasant.

Sturtevant's Edible Plants of the World, 1919, was edited by U. P. Hedrick.