Metroxylon laeve, Metroxylon rumphii, Metroxylon sagu.

Metroxylon laeve Mart. Palmae. Spineless Sago Palm.

East Indies. This species furnishes a large part of the sago which is exported to Europe.

Metroxylon rumphii Mart. Prickly Sago Palm.

East Indies. This palm furnishes, says Seemann, the best sago of the East Indies.

Metroxylon sagu Rottb. Sago Palm.

Sumatra and Malacca. The plant is employed in the preparation of sago for food. Considerable quantities are made at the Poggy Islands, lying off the west coast of Sumatra, where it forms the principal food of the inhabitants.

Metroxylon vitiense Benth. & Hook. f. Sago Palm.

This is a true sago palm in Viti but its quality, Seemann says, was not known to the natives until he pointed it out to them.

Sturtevant's Edible Plants of the World, 1919, was edited by U. P. Hedrick.