Arterio-Venous Aneurism.

Definition.—Arterio-venous aneurism is an abnormal communication between an artery and vein, and known as varicose aneurism when a sac lies between the two.

When the communication is direct, the sac being absent, it is known as aneurysmal varix. Venesection is generally responsible for this condition, the piercing of an artery and vein occurring during the operation. This accounts for the frequency with which it occurs at the bend of the elbow. Accidental puncture may occur at other parts.

Symptoms.—Sudden distention of the veins of the upper part of the body, cyanosis, and edema are the most characteristic symptoms.

Auscultation reveals a continuous thrill and buzzing, whizzing or humming murmur, intensified during systole.

Treatment.—When the aneurism is superficial, surgical measures will correct the difficulty; but if it be a thoracic arterio-venous aneurism, the same treatment will be pursued as recommended for the arterial variety.

The Eclectic Practice of Medicine, 1907, was written by Rolla L. Thomas, M. S., M. D.