(A lot of the Boraginaceae contain toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. These alkaloids were unknown when this book was written. More info here: Livertoxic PAs --Henriette.)

Anchusa. Anchusa officinalis, L. Bugloss. Ox-tongue. (Fam. Boraginaceae.)—The root, leaves, and flowers of this European biennial plant were at one time recognized by the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, but probably are practically devoid of medicinal properties. In France the Anchusa italica, which is there known as buglosse, is substituted for A. officinalis and is still in popular use as a diaphoretic and diuretic.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.