Fluidextractum Cimicifugae. U. S. Fluidextract of Cimicifuga.

Botanical name: 

Fldext. Cimicif. [Fluidextract of Black Cohosh, Fluidextract of Black Snakeroot]

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Extractum Cimicifugae Liquidum, Br. 1898, Liquid Extract of Cimicifuga; Liquid Extract of Actaea Racemosa; Extrait liquide d'Acteae Grappes, Fr.; Flüssiges Cimicifugaextrakt. G.

"Cimicifuga, in No. 40 powder, one thousand grammes [or 35 ounces av., 120 grains]. Prepare a Fluidextract by Type Process A, using alcohol as the menstruum." U. S.

There probably cannot be two opinions about the menstruum, although it has been asserted that a good fluidextract can be made with a menstruum of three parts alcohol and one part water. The probabilities are, however, that a portion of the resinous principle would precipitate on standing. This fluidextract is of a deep reddish-brown color, and thoroughly represents the drug.

Dose, from ten to thirty minims (0.6-1.9 mils).

Off. Prep.—Elixir Sodii Salicylatis Compositum, N. F.; Syrupus Cimicifugae Compositus, N. F.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.