Pilula Colocynthidis Composita. Br. Compound Pill of Colocynth.

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Pilulae Colocynthidis Compositae, N. F.; Cochia Pills; Pilules de Coloquinte composees, Fr. Cod.; Pilules cochees mineures, Fr.; Zusammengesetzte Koloquinten-Pillen, G.

"Colocynth Pulp, in powder, 20 grammes; Aloes, in powder, 35 grammes; Scammony Resin, in powder, 35 grammes; Potassium Sulphate, in powder, 5 grammes; Oil of Cloves, 5 millilitres; Distilled Water, a sufficient quantity. Triturate the Oil of Cloves with the Potassium Sulphate; add the Colocynth Pulp; mix; add the Aloes and Scammony Resin; mix; add Distilled Water, and mix to form a mass." Br.

This is not, like the old London pills of the same name, merely another form of the compound extract of colocynth, though containing essentially the same materials—one great difference being that colocynth and aloes are used in substance in the pill, instead of in the state of extract. Potassium sulphate is used to promote the more complete division of the aloes and scammony. The preparation is actively cathartic. This pill is also official in the N. F. IV.

Dose, from five to ten grains (0.32-0.65 Gm.).

Off. Prep.—Pilula Colocynthidis et Hyoscyami, Br.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.