Extractum Hamamelidis Liquidum. Br. Liquidextract of Hamamelis.

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Fluidextractum Hamamelis Foliorum, Fluidextract of Hamamelis Leaves; Fluidextract of Witch-hazel Leaves; Extrait liquide de Hamamelis, Fr.; Flüssiges Hamamelisextrakt, G.; Extracto fluido de hamamelis, Sp.

"Hamamelis Leaves, dried, in No. 40 powder, 1000 grammes; Alcohol (45 per cent.), sufficient to produce 1000 millilitres. Exhaust the Hamamelis Leaves by percolation with the Alcohol. Reserve the first eight hundred and fifty millilitres of the percolate; recover the alcohol from the remainder by distillation; evaporate the residue to a soft extract; dissolve this in the reserved portion; add sufficient of the Alcohol to produce the required volume." Br.

This liquid extract well represents the virtues of witchhazel. The fluidextract of hamamelis leaves of the U. S. P. VIII was not retained in the U. S. P. IX, but will be found in the N. F. (See Part III.) It has a dark reddish-brown color.

Dose, ten to thirty minims (0.6-1.8 mils).

Off. Prep.—Unguentum Hamamelidis, Br.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.