Aqua Mentha Piperitae. U. S., Br.

Botanical name: 

Aqua Mentha Piperitae. U. S., Br.

Peppermint Water. Aq. Menth. Pip.

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Eau distillee de Menthe poivree, Fr. Cod.; Aqua Menthae Piperitae, P. G.; Pfefferminzwasser, G.; Acqua distillata di menta piperita. It.; Agua destilada de menta piperita, Sp.

"Oil of Peppermint, two mils [or 32 minims]; Purified Talc, fifteen grammes [or 231 grains]; Distilled Water, recently boiled, a sufficient quantity, to make one thousand mils [or 33 fluidounces, 6 ½ fluidrachms]. Triturate the Oil of Peppermint with the Purified Talc, add the recently boiled Distilled Water gradually with continued trituration, filter, and pass the filtrate through the filter repeatedly until the Peppermint Water is perfectly clear." U. S. "Oil of Peppermint, 1 millilitre; Water, 1500 millilitres. Distil one thousand millilitres." Br.

"This Water may be prepared by triturating the oil of peppermint with twice its weight of calcium phosphate and five hundred times its volume of distilled water, and filtering the mixture. In tropical and subtropical parts of the Empire this Water may be used in place of the corresponding Water of the text of the British Pharmacopoeia." Br.

Uses.—Peppermint water is one of the most popular of the aqueous vehicles. It is especially useful as an ingredient in mouth washes because the menthol content produce's a pleasant and cool sensation on mucous membranes.

Off. Prep.—Liquor Sodae et Menthae (Alternative with Spearmint), N. F.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.