Trochisci Cubebae. U. S. Troches of Cubeb.

Botanical name: 

Troch. Cubeb.

Tablettes de Cubebe, Fr.; Kubebenpastillen, G.

"Oleoresin of Cubeb, two grammes [or 31 grains]; Oil of Sassafras, one mil [or 16 minims]; Extract of Glycyrrhiza, in fine powder, twenty-five grammes [or 386 grains]; Acacia, in fine powder, twelve grammes [or 185 grains]; Syrup of Tolu, a sufficient quantity, to make one hundred troches. Rub the powders together until they are thoroughly mixed; then add the oleoresin and the oil, and incorporate them with the mixture. Lastly, form a mass with syrup of tolu, and divide it into one hundred troches." U. S.

Each lozenge contains one-third of a grain (0.021 Cm.) of the oleoresin of cubeb, being about one-fourth the strength of the lozenge of 1870, and one-half the strength of the 1890 troches. The preparation is intended chiefly for effect upon the fauces and other parts of the upper alimentary passages, and may be used advantageously in some cases of chronic cough, and in ulceration or chronic inflammation of the fauces.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.