Tinctura Nucis Vomicae. U. S., Br.

Botanical name: 

Tinctura Nucis Vomicae. U. S., Br.

Tincture of Nux Vomica. Tr. Nuc. Vom. [Strychni Tinctura P. I.]

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"One hundred mils of Tincture of Nux Vomica yields not less than 0.237 Gm. nor more than 0.263 Gm. of the alkaloids of nux vomica." U. S. "Tincture of Nux Vomica contains in 100 millilitres 0.125 gramme of strychnine." Br.

Teinture (alcoole) de Noix vomique, Fr. Cod.; Tinctura Strychni, P. G.; Brechnusstinktur, Krähenaugentinktur, G.; Tintura di noce vomica, It.; Tintura alcoholica de nuez vomica, Sp.

"Nux Vomica, in No. 40 powder, one hundred grammes [or 3 ounces av., 231 grains], to make about one thousand millilitres [or 33 fluid-ounces, 6½ fluidrachms]. Prepare a Tincture by Type Process P, as modified for assayed tinctures), using a mixture of three volumes of alcohol and one volume of water as the menstruum and adjusting the volume of the finished Tincture so that each one hundred mils contains 0.25 Gm. of the alkaloids of nux vomica. The rate of flow for the percolate should not exceed ten drops per minute." U. S.

"Liquid Extract of Nux Vomica, 50 millilitres; Distilled Water, 150 millilitres; Alcohol (90 per cent.), sufficient to produce 600 millilitres. Mix; filter if necessary. Examined by the process described under 'Extractum Nucis Vomicae Liquidum' Tincture of Nux Vomica is found to contain in 100 millilitres 0.125 gramme of strychnine. Limit of error 0.005 gramme in excess or defect. This Tincture contains in each millilitre 1.25 milligrams of strychnine; each fluidrachm contains about 1/16 grain. It contains approximately the same proportion of strychnine as the Tinctura Nucis Vomica of the International Agreement, and one-half of that contained in the corresponding preparation of the British Pharmacopoeia, 1898." Br.

In the U. S. VIII this tincture was made from the extract, the object being to secure a more reliable and definite tincture than was possible under the process official prior to 1890; for this reason 2 per cent. of the standardized extract was directed to be dissolved in a mixture of 3 volumes of alcohol and 1 volume of water. On account of the very tough structure of nux vomica, percolation was accomplished usually with varying results. The amount of extract present in the percolate was to some extent a measure of its activity; hence, if a weighed portion of the percolate was evaporated to dryness, and the percentage of dry extract noted, it was easy to calculate the amount present in the whole quantity. The standard for Tincture of Nux Vomica was changed in the U. S. P. IX from 0.1 Gm. of strychnine in 100 mils to 0.25 Gm. in 100 mils of the alkaloids of nux vomica and instead of making the tincture from a definite quantity of extract of nux vomica percolation of the powdered drug is used. It is true that the tincture must be assayed, and the pharmacist, for this reason, must depend on the manufacturer for his supply, as it is unprofitable to assay small quantities of the tincture. We believe that more uniform results were obtained for the U. S. P. VIII tincture than will be for that of the U. S. P. IX, although the U. S. P. IX process is supposed to give a product of a more uniform color, which was the principal defect in the U. S. P. VIII product.

The British Pharmacopoeia standardizes the liquid extract, and makes its tincture from it of such strength that 100 mils shall contain 0.125 Gm. of strychnine. R. Rother (A. J. P., Jan., 1883), after experimenting with various substances, found that sodium chloride aided greatly in softening the bassorin-like substance in which the alkaloidal principles of nux vomica are embedded, and he proposes its use by adding it to the menstruum of diluted alcohol in the proportion of 120 grains to the pint (see U. S. D., 16th ed., p. 1527).

The amount of strychnine in this tincture is so small that it is not to be recommended for producing the systemic effects of that alkaloid. Its most important use is as a bitter tonic in gastric atony.

Dose, of the tincture, ten to thirty minims (0.6-1.8 mils), to be increased if necessary.

Off. Prep.—Elixir Phosphori et Nucis Vomicae, N. F.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.