Tradescantia erecta, Tinantia fugax.

Botanical name: 

Tradescantia Erecta Jacq. (Now Tinantia fugax Scheidw.) (Fam. Commelinaceae.)—The natives of South America used an extract of this plant as a haemostatic in cock-fights and it has lately been introduced into medicine, being especially recommended in hemorrhages of the ear and the upper air passages. Nothing definite is known of its actual composition and its styptic virtue has been ascribed, by some, to its tannin content. For description of Commelina communis, a perennial herb of the United States, see Preston, A. J. P., 1808, p. 321.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.