Valerianae Indicae Rhizoma. Br.

Botanical name: 

Valerianae Indicae Rhizoma. Br.

Indian Valerian Rhizome.

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"Indian Valerian Rhizome is the dried rhizome and roots of Valeriana Wallichii, DC." Br.

Valeriana Wallichii is a perennial herb growing in the temperate Himalayas and in the Khasia Mountains. The rhizome is more largely used as a perfume than in medicine. It is used in preparations for the hair and the dried rhizome is used as an incense. It is officially described as follows: "Rhizome curved, about five centimetres long, from five to ten millimetres thick, dull brown, with raised transverse leaf-scars, numerous prominent root-sears and a few thick roots; the crown bearing the remains of petioles. Fracture short. In transverse section, dark with a large pith and diffuse ring of small wood-bundles. Strong, characteristic, disagreeable odor; taste unpleasant, camphoraceous." Br.

According to Lindenberg (Ph. Z. R., 1886), Indian valerian is practically identical in its composition with the European drug, but contains a slightly larger amount of volatile oil. It may be employed in the same class of cases as valerian.

Off. Prep.—Tinctura Valerianae Indicae Ammoniata, Br.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.